Invitation Calligraphy Fonts for your Wedding Invites

Invitation fonts can get tricky, not many realize how important it is to choose the right font for your invites, as it can give an impact to the first impression of your event. To help you out, we decided to curate a font list of the best invitation calligraphy fonts that you can utilize on formal events such as your wedding invitations!

Of course, these fonts are all free, and easy to access, just download with a few clicks. Keep scrolling to check out our font list!

Alex Brush Calligraphy Font

What we love about the Alex Brush font is its sophisticated yet playful character! This font will perfectly fit well in invitations, both formal and casual. The brush font also features a slight handwriting look, which gives it a warm touch. Try out this font here!

Balleria Calligraphy Font

This is the perfect font for that touch of classic elegance! The Balleria font perfectly captures the heavy and light strokes that you get from calligraphy fonts to add to that pleasing and charming aesthetic. Surely, this will make your invites stand out! Click here to download.

Notera Calligraphy Font

If you’re looking for something minimal yet formal, this font is for you! The Notera font captures that clean thin font vibe, that will surely work well with a minimalist invitation design. Add this font to your font library, and download it here!

Camigata Calligraphy Font

Here’s another minimalist font with a handwriting touch. The Camigata font features a thin, cursive handwriting look. This font would be a great choice if you’re looking for something classy, formal, yet warm and homey. Truly, a great font to consider using on your invites. Click here to download it!

The Heart of Everything Calligraphy Font

We just adore this font so much! The Heart of Everything font captures that sweet romantic vibe that would be perfect for your wedding invites! The font features a nice cursive calligraphy font with big curves and straight edges for a tailored look. Try out and download this font here.

Ambar Pearl Calligraphy Font

We love how this cursive font’s overall look hints at touches of vintage classic elements. With its huge loops, small letters, and polished strokes, truly this font is a great choice for a wedding invitation. This font is a must in your font library. Download it here now!

Great Vibes Calligraphy Font

Another one of those classic and sophisticated cursive calligraphy fonts that would work for formal and traditional wedding invites. This font features that bold look with a statement of elegance, truly a great choice for anyone seeking fonts for a formal event. Click here to download it!

Yaquote Script Calligraphy Font

This cursive style font is perfect for any wedding invite with an elegant minimal style. The font features thin cursive italic characters and subtle curves. Truly this font is something to consider! Try out this font here.

Arnette Script Calligraphy Font

If you’re looking for something vintage, tasteful yet a bit quirky? This is the perfect font for you! The Arnette Calligraphy font would perfectly match your classic vintage-themed invites, as it features elegant script-style characters with a touch of a quill pen handwriting. What are you waiting for? Download this font here!

Miama Calligraphy Font

This font is based on real handwriting! If you’re looking for something with a mix of formal and casual, the Miama font is perfect for you! The font features certain curves and lines that complete that delicate and formal look. Try out this font here.

Other Calligraphy Fonts

We hope you liked our list of fonts that you can use on your wedding invites. If you want to see more calligraphy and cursive fonts, check out our posts on the best calligraphy fonts, and cool cursive fonts.

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