20 Free Beautiful Business Card Mockups

We put together a handy list of the best business card mockups [2024 Update] available for free online. These great PSD business card mockups are quick to download, easy to edit and best of all, free.

I think it would be cool to look into the history of business cards and how we started using them today as a visual representation of ours.

The history of business cards

Did you know that the business card wasn’t first used for business? It sounds counter-intuitive, right? The business cards looked a lot like playing cards, thus the name. In the 1600s in Europe, people used “visiting cards” to announce someone’s arrival back home.

Those people were mostly wealthy or aristocratic. So they could afford to engrave them with gold and beautiful handwritten texts. By the 1800s they became indispensable to anyone who was in the middle class. Etiquette, as shown in “Pride and Prejudice”, demanded cards to be presented to each lady of the household on first visits. Delivered on card trays, the lady of the household would then examine it and see if she wanted to meet them. We could say that it created an exceptional first impression of the lucky guy.

The state of business cards in 2019

Plain white business cards with a name and phone number shouldn’t even exist. Today business owners and career-driven people try to stand out even through something as small as a business card. And what’s not to like about the beautiful and creative business cards? Needless to say, they come in plenty of different colors, designs, textures, etc., but the shape and size remained pretty much the same.

Therefore, designing an eye-catching, inviting and a unique business card may be challenging.

We’ve searched the web and collected 20 free business card mock-ups for you to choose from. When choosing a business card mockup, pay close attention to the font, color and the density of information you want to display. Be creative & design your most creative business cards!

Clean Dark Business card

This beautiful minimal business card is great for artists, photographer, and even if you’re a startup with creative approach. It comes with seven awesome changeable top coat colors!

Creative Business Card Mockup

This business card is a perfect choice for bloggers, dancers, wild artists, and it also makes me wanna drink a lemon juice.

free creative business card - hipsthetic

Impression Business Card Mockup

This unique business card shows that in some cases no words are needed. You can use this business card if you want to leave an impression on your clients. It’s perfect for individual/businesses with powerful logos.

Business Card in Wrapping Paper

The action of giving someone your business card can leave a great impact if done right, and in a creative way. This business card mockup can be perfect for this case.

Isometric Business Card Mockup

This business card mockup is one of my favorite ones. It’s a clean mockup of the front and back side of a business card in an isometric view.


Developer Business Card

This business card is perfect for freelancers, developers, private teachers etc…


Floating Clean Business Cards

Clean, Minimal, Beautiful, this business card is one of the best free PSD mockups out there.

Minimal Business Card

‘Beautiful Business Card Mockup by Anthony Boyd Graphics. Use this minimal business card mockup to showcase your logo or any branding work you might have. Included comes with 4 changeable overlay colors (black, silver, copper, and gold).’

Aesthetic Business Card

This aesthetic minimal business card is perfect for architects, designers, and people who want to have a minimal but sophisticated business card. This beautiful ‘PSD Mockup created by Anthony Boyd Graphics. Use this mockup to showcase your business card design in a photorealistic manner.’

Aesthetic minimal clean business card hipsthetic



Business Cards on a Clip Mockup

This bold business card comes with a free mockup and fully layered PSF file. This is a great business card for designers, illustrators, animators, and creative people.

Free Business Card Mock-ups

Horizontal and vertical Business Cards Showcase Mockup

I’m a simple man, therefore I prefer using a simple business card design. Here’s our favorite minimalistic business card design that you can use for free. This is a great business card for writers, interior designers and whoever enjoys simplicity.

Free Business Card Mock-ups

Envelope with Business Card Mockup

If you want your business card to stand out, you can ditch the plain looking card and get something more interactive. This is the type of business card that wedding planners can use, or wedding services.

Free Business Card Mock-ups

Business Card In Hand Mockup

Free Business Card Mock-ups

Simple Business Cards Mockup

Free Business Card Mock-ups

Business Card and Apple Devices Mockup

Free Business Card Mock-ups

Corporate Branding Mockup with MacBook

Free Business Card Mock-ups

Here you can find the complete visual branding of a company. These business cards can be integrated as visual elements on your website, goodies and more. These are great business cards for agencies, Saas companies, and digital companies.

Branding / Identity Stationary Mockup

Free Business Card Mock-ups

Yet another amazing example of minimalist business cards. These free to use business card templates can be your go to templates for finishing your designs fast.

Stationary Mockup Toolkit

Free Business Card Mock-ups

Silver Business Card Mockup

Free Business Card Mock-ups

B-Cards Mockup (Free PSD)

Free Business Card Mock-ups

8 Free Clean Business Card Mockups

Free Business Card Mock-ups

Free Branding Identity MockUp

Free Business Card Mock-ups

4 Free Business Card Mockup

Free Business Card Mock-ups

6 Business Cards Mock Up – FREE PSD

Free Business Card Mock-ups

Business Card Mockup Free Download

Free Business Card Mock-ups

7+ Clean Business Card FREE MOCKUP [Download]

Free Business Card Mock-ups

B-Cards Mockup #4

Free Business Card Mock-ups

Free Mockup

Free Business Card Mock-ups

Stationery Mockup

Free Business Card Mock-ups

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