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69 Best Free Lightroom Presets

We’re truly fascinated by how presets can effortlessly transform the aesthetic and ambiance of your photos with just a single click! That’s why we’ve taken the initiative to scour the internet and look for a great resource of free Lightroom presets that cater to various styles and themes.

Whether you’re aiming for stunning outdoor shots, captivating real estate images, mouthwatering food photography, breathtaking travel snapshots, or even a touch of vintage charm, we’ve got you covered. Check out our list of quality free Lightroom presets below!

free lightroom presets

Travel Presets

Our list of presets for travel photography shows different styles that are perfect for every destination on your list. We made sure these presets bring out the right details, colors, and of course memories that you cherish with your photos. These travel presets are all great to use on your Instagram or travel blog if you’re looking for a cohesive professional look, or even on your prints if you simply love to decorate your space. Check out our list below!

Faded Holiday

Faded Holiday

Faded Holiday optimizes cool tones to create that calm relaxing vacation vibe. Its custom settings leave you with a brighter image with some fade, to keep the whole image soft and steady. Your rendered image can also come across like a vintage look, leaving you with the impression that it was taken with an analog or film camera.

Perfect View

perfect view

Perfect View is designed for outdoor photography, bringing in bold colors, warm tones and refines texture. This preset is a great travel preset especially if you have that one memorable shot of that breathtaking view!

Airy Summer

airy summer

Airy Summer adds that warm pastel overlay to your summer photos, enhancing your image’s colors, shadows, and highlights. It also has a slight matte effect for more visibility on details and texture. This preset is a great choice to use as an Instagram filter especially if you’re going for a unique summer look and vibe.


This preset is inspired by the town Lagos in Portugal. Lagos optimizes beach and coastal views as it brings out the perfect mix of warm and cool tones creating a vibrant, sunny charming look. The preset also enhances the details of the rock formations, sand and water elements.

Holidays in Roma

This is a charming preset inspired by the dynamic city of Rome. Holidays in Roma adds rich warm hues to your images creating that bright vivid rustic aesthetic. This preset is perfect if you’re traveling to historical places as it enhances the details and colors of the picturesque sites that you want to capture.



Travel is a preset made for photos from your nature and hiking trips. It creates vivid polished colors that gives your photos a spectacular look. The preset also works well on landscapes, seascapes, and any outdoor adventure.



Getaway is a great preset to use for your travel photos as it is designed to create a bright, vivid slightly matte look. This preset works great on beaches and seascapes, perfect for your summer travel trips.

Fading Memories

Fading Memories is a preset that produces a soft, faded look on your images. It’s inspired by the photos you get when you use an analog film camera -understated colors, slightly grained, and pleasing to the eye. This preset is perfect to use for your travel photos, especially if you’re looking for a unique professional aesthetic.

Santorini White

Santorini White is inspired by delightful color combinations of Santorini, Greece. The preset creates bright whites and cool blues to recreate the calm, serene look and feel of Santorini. This preset is perfect to use if you’re traveling to Greece or simply any coastal destination.

Family Day

Family Day is a preset that is ideal for vacation trips or holiday trips with your loved ones. It enhances warm tones creating more vivid colors and adjusts overall brightness for a bright but soft look. This preset simply helps your photos be look extra warm, fun, and memorable!

Le Louvre

Le Louvre is a great travel preset with a vintage look and feel. It enhances both warm and cool tones for a soft, romantic, elegant look and feel. This is the perfect preset to use if you’re traveling to Paris for that signature glam charm.

Film Presets

Even if we are in the digital age, the film aesthetic will never go out of style. Hence we chose the best free Film presets with different color motifs, textures, but all give that classic analog film camera look. These presets are also great to use on your Instagram feeds or even for prints.

TVK Film

TVK Film creates sharp, vivid images while incorporating that classic vintage film camera look. This preset works well on outdoor images as well as portraits because of its capacity to enhance and bring out texture and detail. TVK Film is a great option as well to use on your Instagram feed for a cohesive look with a classic and modern twist.

Gypsy Soul

The Gypsy Soul preset mimics the look of a retro film by adding a warm green overlay to your rendered image. It’s optimized for outdoor photos of tropical scenes that can create that fresh, relaxing vibe. So if you have a lot of photos from your beach trips, try this preset out!

Aged Film

The Aged Film preset plays on warm tones, grain and slightly muted colors. The preset simply resembles an aged film as making your digital images look as if it was taken from a vintage analog camera.

Faded Film

Faded Film plays with cool tones, shadows, and texture. It slightly mutes some areas in your image to bring out some details and creates that film camera look. This is a great preset to use if you’re looking for that dim faded vintage aesthetic.

FujiColor 400 W

This lightroom preset is inspired by the FujiColor 400 W film. The preset incorporates the signature magenta tone from the film, as well as its distinct matte effect. This preset is quite versatile as you can use it for both indoor and outdoor shots, portraits, or landscapes.


This 1970s preset simply recreates the look of the photos that you can get from that nostalgic Fujifilm or Kodak film camera that was a hit in the 70s. The preset accurately captures the warm yellow overlay that produces that aged film look, perfect if you’re looking to give your images a vintage film effect.

Kodak Funtime

This preset is inspired by Kodak’s single-use camera as it creates vivid tones and optimizes blue hues to produce that retro film camera look. Kodak Funtime works well with outdoor shots or indoor photos with lots of natural light.

Instant Memories

instant memories

Instant Memories is a preset that replicates the look of a polaroid film. It utilizes dark colors and green tones for that instant film look. This preset is really fun to use on your Instagram or social media feed for that cute analog aesthetic.


Cloud is a preset that mimics the color tones of an old film. It adds a warm overlay to your images that results in a dark faded look. It does however accentuate highlights and reveals more texture and details once applied.

Old Gloomy Film

Old Gloomy Film gives your images that iconic Lomo camera aesthetic. It produces the same orange tones with that cool green tint that will surely make your digital photos look creative and unique. This preset is optimized for outdoor photos with lots of natural light

Film Fanatic

Film Fanatic creates this textured matte look that you usually get when you use an analog film camera. This preset play with cool tones, dark blues and blacks to bring out that classic film aesthetic.

Fabulous Weekend

Fabulous Weekend adds a blue-green overlay to your images that mimic a film-like aesthetic. The preset creates this high contrast motif with a touch of drama which makes it perfect to use if you’re trying to create a coherent vintage-inspired look on your Instagram or social media feeds.

Black and White Presets

The Black and White aesthetic will always be a timeless look that everyone simply loves. We made sure to add the best black and white presets you can try on this list for every occasion and style. Check out our picks below, you might find something that suits your style.

B&W Infrared Photography

The B&W Infrared preset replicates the look and style of black and white infrared photography. The preset produces brighter images with deep warm monochrome tones. This preset works well on outdoor photography or areas with lots of natural light.

B&W Nights

B&W Nights is optimized for night photography as it produces high contrast darks and bright whites, making your photo look sharper, detailed, and visually clear. If night photography is your thing, you should try this preset out!

No Contrast B&W

If you are looking for a soft black and white preset, this one is worth a try. No Contrast B&W creates bright monochrome images that give a calm, clean look. This preset works wonders on both indoor and outdoor shots.

Sharp B&W

Sharp B&W creates a crisp monochrome look with deep contrasts. The preset also adds soft blue tones on the dark areas of the image that creates more depth and detail. If you’re looking for an accented black and white preset, try this one out!


The Sparkling preset transforms your image into high contrast black and white. It creates bright highlights and deep vivid shadows that gives your image a clear solid monochrome look. This is a great preset to try for your outdoor photos with lots of natural light.

Wedding Photography Presets

Wedding photos are very important, hence it is a must that your images look great and can capture every color, every detail, or even be in theme with your wedding. We round up a list of the best free presets that are all optimized for weddings so you can take this off on your wedding to-do checklist. Check our list below!

Boho Wedding

Boho Wedding

Boho Wedding is a Lightroom preset that adds a vintage aesthetic to your wedding shots. The preset plays with warm tones to create a very subtle sepia overlay that results in a soft, dazzling overall look.

Detail R1

Details are very important when it comes to your wedding. The Detail R1 preset helps you enhance every detail in your photos to help you remember the exact sweet moments of your big day. The preset plays with brightness and contrasts

Bright Wedding

This preset creates vivid and bright outdoor wedding photos. It optimizes warm tones that result to enhancing every detail with a soft vibrant touch. So if you’re having a garden, beach or just any outdoor setup wedding, The Bright Wedding preset is worth a try!

Elegant Wedding

The Elegant Wedding Lightroom preset is optimized to create stylish, timeless photos perfect for you to look back and remember your unforgettable memories. The preset adjusts its colors resulting in more vivid and crisp tones.

Bright & Sweet

bight and sweet

Bright & Sweet creates this creamy soft glow that is just perfect for wedding photos. The preset adds a touch of warmth and brightness to your image that creates this cozy look and feel.

Exotic Wedding

The Exotic Wedding preset is set to be used for stunning destination weddings. It utilizes blue and green tones creating a striking tint that’s perfect for your unique wedding destination. It also adds overall warmth and brightness throughout your photos.

Divina Lolla

Divina Lolla heightens its warm tones utilizing brown hues in its highlights. The preset creates this warm, soft, dainty look that can be used for wedding photos. It works well on both indoor and outdoor shots perfect for any wedding set up.

Retro Wedding

The Retro Wedding preset uses light brown tones to create a monochrome sepia aesthetic. It creates the perfect mix of tones, shadows, and highlights that will surely make your photos look timeless. This is a perfect preset to use on both prints or your social media accounts.

Portrait Presets

If you are into taking portraits, you know that there are a lot of factors needed to capture a perfect one. Whether lighting, color, or style, we collated a set of presets that you can use to help you get that perfect shot.

Drama Queen

Drama Queen

If you want something warm and natural, try out this Drama Queen preset. It enhances your photo’s brightness and adds warm hues to create natural-looking skin tones and also brightens out your image all throughout. This preset does well on outdoor portraits perfect for that charming natural look.

Clean Face

clean face

Clean Face is a Lightroom preset that is optimized for portraits, headshots or even selfies. This versatile preset creates vivid and captivating tones leaving your photos looking natural and flawless. It mainly alters the lighting and warmth for a more clean and polished overall look.

Portraiture I

The Portraiture I preset creates this polished high fashion look on your images through intensifying shadows, highlights, and also enhancing both warm and cool tones. This preset is perfect if you’re looking for something to help you create that professional crisp look.

Film Portrait

Film Portrait is optimized to create crisp, clear, and brighter portraits. This preset is optimized for the urban fashions scene for both indoor and outdoor shots. The preset does not distort or change your photo’s colors, but rather enhances them to achieve that natural, stunning look.

Smart Warmer

Smart Warmer

This is another preset that creates warm natural skin tones. With Smart Warmer, you’ll surely get captivating dainty images showcasing your subject’s natural beauty. This preset plays with warm tones mixing it with some pastel hues creating a soft, natural overall look.

Bearded Man

This unique preset is optimized for portraits of Men. With its custom settings, it is able to enhance your subject’s distinct facial features especially their facial hair. The Bearded Man preset plays with shadows, contrast and produces slightly faded colors to complement the dark details of the image.

Classic Portait

classic portrait

Classic Portrait is optimized to make your portraits look professional and vibrant. It enhances your image’s colors through its complex tone settings to achieve that natural skin tones and textures. This preset can be used for your selfies, headshots, and portraits.


If you constantly take OOTDs you have to try this preset. Fashion is optimized for portraits featuring stylish outfits and accessories. The preset brightens your overall image and adds violet-pink tones to complement and make those colors and detail pop.

A Hazy Portrait

a hazy portrait

A Hazy Portrait enhances the textures and shadows of your portraits. It adds its custom settings on clarity which help subtly bring out more details through heightening its mid-tones. This is a great preset to use if you want a clean, natural look on your images.

Food Photography Presets

We all love taking photos of food especially if it’s a great memorable meal. Whether you’re dining at home or out with your friends, nothing beats taking a snapshot of that delectable, mouthwatering dish. Though sometimes, we don’t get the colors or lighting right, and our shots just don’t give justice to the dish. Lucky for you we found the best free Lightroom presets for Food Photography, check them out below!

Grand Finale

Grand Finale

The Grand Finale preset plays with both warm and cool tones creating a balance of colors making your dish look appetizing as ever. This is definitely a perfect preset to try especially if you love posting food shots on your social media feed!



Just from the name itself, the Food preset is mainly designed for food! The preset creates saturated images enhancing every detail of your dish to create that palatable scrumptious look on your image. This preset is widely used by foodies on their website and Instagram profiles.

Kitchen Magic

This preset is optimized to bring out the colors of all the mouthwatering ingredients and components of your dishes. It creates vivid tones through its custom settings of increasing saturation and contrast. Kitchen Magic is a great choice if you’re fond of taking shots of your homemade food, and drinks to share it on your Insagram or social media accounts.

Home Greenhouse

If you’re looking for a preset to use for your produce, then you must try Home Greenhouse! This preset is designed to make the natural delightful colors of fruits and vegetables come to life. It creates highly saturated tones and adjusts your image’s brightness to fully bring out the details of that fresh garden pick.

Coffee Break

Coffee Break

If you’re simply a coffee addict and you can’t live without that cup of joe, then this preset is for you! The Coffee Break preset is inspired by the brown and warm tones of coffee itself, which adds this cozy, warm look and feel just like what you get from your favorite neighborhood cafe. The preset adds a slight brown tint to your images while keeping the rest of the colors bright and bold.

Outdoor and Nature Presets

Spending time with the great outdoors for a hike, a relaxing trip, or simply just fun under the sun usually brings us the best memories. We collated a list of the best free presets that are optimized for outdoor use. Check them out below!

Yoga Sunrise

Yoga Sunrise optimizes shots taken under the sun by illuminating warm tones. It creates a calm and refreshing aesthetic perfect to use for your outdoor shots. This preset is also widely used for Instagram feed for a polished, professional look.

Crisp Mountains

crisp mountains

Crisp Mountains is optimized for mountain ranges and great outdoor landscape views. This preset does not alter colors but rather enhances the details and texture that brings out the unique and beautiful character of the scenery. This is one of the best travel presets to use, especially if you love having outdoor adventures.

Zen Film 1

The Zen Film 1 preset creates a textured matte overlay that enhances darker shades and shadows. It creates character and drama, and at the same time curates a film-like aesthetic to the rendered photos. This preset is widely used for outdoor shots with lots of natural light.

Autumn Skies

Autumn Skies is optimized for your outdoor landscape photos in autumn. It optimizes autumn colors to appear brighter yet softer, and cozier keeping that autumn vibe. This preset is great to use as an Instagram filter, especially if you’re really looking to have your photos themed with the season.

Winter Light

Winter Light is a preset optimized for outdoor shots that feature snow. It creates this cool vivid look with its balance of dark blue hues for a soft, cozy look .

Quiet Street

This preset is designed for urban and street photography. It adds brightness to your images a well as intensifying colors, textures as well as shadows and highlights. Quiet Street is a great preset to use when you’re out in your neighborhood just capturing your city’s charm.

Green Greens

Green Greens is a preset optimized to make green hues look more vivid and vibrant. This preset is ideal for outdoor scenes and landscape images of places with lots of fresh greens.

Rising Star

Rising Star creates this modern dim look that’s optimized for street photography. It also works great on urbanscapes as it brights out the dark shadows and bright highlights. If you love taking pictures of your city, this is a good preset to try!

Blue Sky Dream

If you love hiking and being out in the great outdoors, this preset is perfect for you to try. Blue Sky Dream creates vibrant colors, shadows, and highlights, complementing outdoor shots with lots of natural light. It complements the outdoor scene enhancing nature’s beauty.

Romantic Paris

This unique preset adds a warm pink overlay on your images that gives the impression of a romantic, sweet aesthetic. The Romantic Paris preset also works well on cityscapes, outdoor shots, or indoor photos with a lot of natural light.

Vintage Garden

vintage garden

Vintage Garden brightens, enhances detail, and warms up your overall image. It is designed to be used for outdoor gardening scenes, whether your garden at home, a greenhouse, or a great meadow with lots of greens and flowers.

Wild Life


If you are into taking photos of animals and wildlife photography, try this preset out. The Wildlife preset is optimized for bringing out details of the animal’s fur, coating, or features. It adds warmth to the overall photo, creating very vivid and striking images.

Street Art

Street Art is a preset optimized for urban street photography. It specifically makes colors vibrant and bold to create a more lively look and feel to your image.

Landscape View

landscape view

Landscape View is optimized for outdoor landscape photos. It creates saturated warm and cool colors, brings out texture and detail to bring out the natural beauty of the remarkable scenery. If you love to travel and experience the outdoors, this preset is worth a try!

Indoor & Real Estate Presets

Sometimes it’s difficult to get the perfect shots when you’re indoors, especially if you don’t have the equipment. We collated a list of the best Lightroom presets that can be used for indoor photography. Whether you’re taking selfies at home, photos of your space, or even just shots of your kids and pets, these presets will help you create instantly beautiful indoor shots. View our list below!

Home Portrait

Home Portrait

Home Portrait is a perfect preset if you love collecting home memories. This preset is designed for indoor portraits, whether for personal portraits, selfies, or just fun time photos with your family or pets.

New Life

New Life is a preset optimized for indoor or portrait shots of newborn babies. The preset does not distort or change any of the colors, but rather enhances and brightens to get that soft, serene, adorable look!

Indoor Bright

Indoor Bright

If you are looking for a preset to enhance your home’s unique interiors, Indoor Bright is perfect for you to try. This preset enhances warm tones and sharpens and reveals more texture, details, and all of the unique design concepts you have in your home.

Hygge Interior

This preset is inspired by the Danish Hygge lifestyle itself. Hygge Interior brings out the look and feels of coziness from your indoor images through its adjustment and mix of warm and cool blue tones. This is also great to use for Instagram as it creates a cohesive professional yet unique look.

Family Pet

If you have pets at home and you simply can’t stop taking photos of them, try this preset out! Family Pet brings out the tiny details of your pet’s coating or fur making it look bright, shiny, and fluffy. This preset is perfect to use indoors especially when your pet is just lounging around the house looking cute and cuddly!

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