Free Film Lightroom Preset by Lookfilter

The Best 13+ FREE VSCO Lightroom Presets & Packs

Free VSCO Lightroom presets and packs are the go to workflow tool for photographers looking to jump start their creativity, and quickly emulate a film look.

The freebies that we’ve picked out are put together to fast track a VSCO Cam aesthetic via tone curve, presence, coloring and detail adjustments during post-processing.

What is VSCO Cam? You’ve probably come across #vsco, #vscocam or a location-specific variation (something like #vsconyc) at Instagram and in short, it’s a call-back to the VSCO Cam app, which is used to take, edit and upload images. Developed by Visual Supply Company, the in-app filters and their accompanying paid desktop preset versions, imitate the look of analog film cameras via mobile or Lightroom.

Ironically, more often than not the in-depth but subtle adjustments and tweaks offered up to users of VSCO Cam can more quickly produce an IG-friendly image than IG’s own editing suite. And those near-instantaneous, pro looking, filtered results are why we decided to catalog the best free Lightroom presets that play off of “that look”.

You should definitely check out our list of the best free VSCO-ish Photoshop actions and take a look at our photography inspo archive.

The Wall – Nature Lightroom Preset by lookfilter.comVSCO Nature Lightroom Preset

38 Free LR Presets by BeArt-Presets

38 Free Lightroom Presets by BeArt-Presets

The NATE CAM Starter PackNATE CAM VSCO Lightroom Presets Pack

12 Free Street Lightroom PresetsFree Street Photography Lightroom Preset Pack

Voodoo Lounge – Free Film Lightroom Preset by lookfilter.comFree Film Lightroom Preset by Lookfilter

FREE Lightroom Preset 2017 by Hassan Bouslim

Free Teal VSCO Lightroom Preset by Hassan Bouslim

Morrison Hotel – Vintage Lightroom Preset by lookfilter.comFree Vintage Lightroom Presets by Lookfilter

Free Film Lightroom Preset by João Victor MeirelesFree Film Lightroom Preset

Free Film Lightroom Presets by fixthephoto.comFree Film Lightroom Preset Pack


Cold Fact Lightroom Preset by lookfilter.comLookfilter Free Lightroom Presets Cold Fact

20 Free Lightroom Presets by creativetacos.com20 Free Lightroom Presets Pack

Catch a Fire – Free Black and White by

Black and White Lightroom Preset by Lookfilter

Vintage Autumn Colors – FREE Lightroom PresetsFREE Vintage Autumn Colors Lightroom Presets

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