The Best Free VSCO Photoshop Actions

The Best FREE VSCO Photoshop Action Packs

We’ve catalogued the best free VSCO photoshop Action Packs available online that let you quickly replicate on-trend, hipster-friendly vintage film styles.

These super-handy VSCO photoshop action packs are really easy to download, unzip and load into Photoshop, where, with just a couple of clicks, images and graphics are given a quick, trendy, vintage makeover. To use the .atn files you’ll find in these packs, simply double click, which should load them into Photoshop, then head to Window > Actions, now hit ‘play selection’ (which can be found at the bottom of the new window).

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VSCO Style PS Actions

‘User beorange on DeviantArt has made a cool set of Photoshop actions to get the VSCOish look on your photos. The actions are not perfect but the actions make your photo look like they are processed in VSCO Cam. There are two versions in the set with different kinds of effects and fading.’

VSCO Style Photoshop Action Pack

Faded Film – Photoshop Actions

‘Simulate the look of faded films including effects from Instagram, and Prestalgia with these 12 Photoshop actions. The Instagram and Prestalgia effects are faded to mimic the popular faded film look seen in many Adobe Lightroom presets.’

Faded Film - Photoshop Action Pack

VSCO Film Actions for Photoshop

A handy tutorial that runs through VSCO fundamentals, complete with three free, downloadable Photoshop actions – Brown, B&W and ToyCam.
VSCO Film Action Pack for Photoshop

VSCOish Actions Pack

High quality Photoshop actions that are super easy to download and craftily replicate eight vintage, hipster-friendly, Instagram and VSCO styles.

VSCOish Photoshop Actions

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