38 Best Twitter Icons Our There

Twitter is a popular social medium that allows you to share messages up to 140 characters long with your followers. Around 500 million tweets are dispatched on Twitter every day. Twitter is also an amazing platform to put your brand out on, share news and articles, products, images, and drive traffic to your website.


With so many options out there it’s quite difficult and time-consuming to find a perfect Twitter icon that will suit your website design. Here we have collected 38 best Twitter icons with creative and simple, playful and dreamy, minimalist and original designs. You will definitely find a suitable Twitter icon on this list.

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1. Twitter free icon

An original Twitter icon that the official website uses.


2. Twitter free icon

The flat Twitter icon in flat design with stylish shadows and circle.


3. Twitter Icon

A line Twitter icon. You can download in different formats such as PNG, SVG, EPS, and PDF.


4. Circle Bubbles Twitter Icon

An interesting dreamy Twitter icon with bubbles and circles. Use it for blogs or other creative websites.


5. iOS Twitter iCon Black

A native original Twitter icon in black color.


6. Web Twitter alt 2 Metro Icon

A web Twitter icon in Windows 8 Metro style.


7. Social twitter box white Icon

Box white Twitter icon that you can use for personal projects or commercial purposes, but with attribution.


8. Twitter Line Icon

iOS Twitter line icon in white color. It can be used for any website, but make sure to find similar icons for other social media sites.


9. Twitter Icon

A simple Twitter icon created by bokehlicia.


10. Twitter Logo Button free icon

A black Twitter logo in a circle that can also be used as a button for flat design.


11. Twitter Icon in Square

A beautiful hand-drawn Twitter icon in yellow and light blue colors.


12. Material twitter Icon

A material outlined a Twitter icon in a monochrome style.


13. Doodle Twitter

Doodle Twitter icon that will be a perfect option for kids or art projects.


14. Twitter free icon chat

Here is a chat icon with the Twitter logo that you can place on your contact form or ‘about me’ page. This is a way to tell users that you are open to chat on Twitter.


15. Twitter icon

A cute Twitter bird in blue color designed for personal projects only. Download it in 128×128 px size.


16. Twitter icon

A price tag icon with the Twitter logo.


17. Twitter icon

A circle Twitter icon with a glare. Use it as a button, if you need.


18. Twitter free icon

A dark flat Twitter icon in a quite unusual design. You can get it in PNG format in various sizes.


19. Twitter icon

A line Twitter icon with a beautiful purple gradient similar to Instagram Stories logo.


A black line Twitter icon with dots on a transparent background. You can copy and paste it in Photoshop.


21. Twitter free icon

Another chat icon with the Twitter logo that you can use for a contact form or comments field.


22. Twitter Logo Button

A white Twitter icon with a circle. Download it in SVG, EPS, PNG and PSD formats.


23. Tweet, twitter icon

Flat style Twitter icon with shadow from Micon Social Pack. You can find other social media icons in this pack.


24. Twitter free icon

A blue Twitter icon with a circle line. It is free for commercial use.


25. Blue, twitter icon

A polygon design Twitter icon in flat style. Get it in different formats.


26. Twitter icon

One more modern Twitter icon with fantastic polygon look and 3D effect.


27. Twitter free icon

A doodle Twitter icon that is available in color and monochrome.


28. Cloud Twitter Icon

A lovely Twitter icon with clouds and romantic design. It will be an ideal choice for feminine, girlish blog.


29. Twitter icon

One line Twitter icon in black color. It is hand drawn that makes it an excellent solution for creating websites and blogs.


30. Twitter icon

A primary gray icon with a Twitter bird in PNG format.


31. Logo twitter

Flat Twitter icon with name and big ‘T’ letter. Download it in PNG or SVG.


Custom hand-drawn Twitter logo with blue color and creative look.


33. Twitter icon

Twitter logo in a blue circle with a clean and straightforward design. It can be used for any kind of website or blog.


34. Twitter icon

Twitter paper icon with flat design and shadows. If you enjoy this look, you can also find the same icons for Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest on zohanimasi bundle.


35. Pastel Icon Twitter

Another drawn Twitter icon with an unusual design that can be an excellent choice for creative websites, art blogs, and more.


36. Twitter icon

This Twitter icon looks like a metal bottle cap. F Design creates it.


37. Media, social, twitter icon

One more dreamy cool Twitter icon that was designed not for any website. This icon will drive the attention of the viewers.


38. Bird, logo, twitter, twitter logo icon

A simple, clean Twitter icon with a bird and name. It is available in PNG, SVG, Ai formats and various sizes.



What Twitter icon is your favorite here? Use the comment field below to answer the question.

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