33 Best Free Facebook Icons for Your Website

Facebook is the most popular social media network that everybody uses. It has over 2,3 billion active users that are almost half of the world population. There is an easy way to encourage people on your website or blog share the content you create – it’s using social media buttons.

Here we have put together 33 best free Facebook icons that you can download and use today. You can choose the most convenient format for you: AI, PNG, or SVG. Don’t miss out our previous collections of free, beautiful Instagram icons and Twitter icons.

1. Circle Facebook icon

A native rounded Facebook icon in blue color that works as an original logo.


2. Faceboo Social media icon

Download this simple Facebook icon that is used for a mobile app. It is available in PNG or SVG formats.


3. Black Facebook Icon

This is a black facebook icon with a circle with a simple design.


4. Flat Icon for Facebook

Check out this flat Facebook icon in blue color with a shadow.


5. Facebook Word Icon

An icon with the word “Facebook” that uses original font and color.


6. Blue Gradient Faceboom Icon

This is a native Facebook icon with a slightly visible blue gradient.


7. Facebook logo free icon

Black Facebook logo icon with CC 3.0 BY. license that requires to credit the author.


8. Facebok Messenger Icon

Here is a Facebook Messenger app icon with the clean flat style.


9. Social media free icon

This icon can be used for general social media. It features a hand with a smartphone with a Facebook logo on it.


10. Facebook Like Icon

This icon with a hand will encourage users to like and share your content on Facebook.


11. Blue Facebook free icon

Free Facebook icon with beautiful azure color and brown lines.


12. Facebook Gradient Logos

An elegant Facebook icon with a beautiful purple gradient and flat design.


13. Facebook Dotted Logos

Simple outline Facebook logo with cute dots. You can download the whole set of social media icons in the same style


14. Creative Facebook Icon

A creative Facebook icon with a letter F and a splash of blue color.


15. Clouds Facebook Icon

A dreamy with a Facebook icon with clouds. You can find Instagram and Twitter icon in the same style on our previous posts.


16. Like Icon

Make people like the content you create with this fantastic gradient icon.


17. Black and Gold Facebook Icon

This is a stylish luxury black and golden Facebook icon.


18. Easter Facebook Icon

This is an Easter Facebook icon that you can use on this holiday for your website or blog.


19. Doodle Facebook Icon

This is a doodle Facebook icon that looks like it was drawn with a ball pen.


20. Folder Facebook Icon

A simple folder with a Facebook icon for your website.


21. Pink Facebook Icon

Here is a pink Facebook icon that will be an excellent choice for a girlish blog.


22. Globe Facebook Icon

This is an outline globe icon with the Facebook logo. You can get it in a black or colorful design.


23. Stylish Facebook Icon

A modern, stylish Facebook icon with an outline layout that is available in different colors.


24. Sign Facebook icon

This is a sign Facebook icon that looks like it is hanging on a wall. You can place it on an image with a door or wooden background.


25. Flat Facebook Icon

A flat Facebook icon that was designed by Xinh Studio.


26. Abstract Facebook Icon

A blue Facebook icon with an abstract background and simple white letter.


27. Award Facebook Icon

This is an award Facebook icon. It will be an excellent solution for a landing page where a user should share some content to download a freebie.


28. Facebook free chat icon

A chat Facebook icon with horizontal layout and shadow.


29. Facebook Name Icon

A Facebook logo with a letter F and its name.


30. Hand Stitched Facebook Icon

Here is a hand-stitched Facebook icon with practical design.


31. Facebook Notebook Icon

This is a realistic icon with a notebook and a Facebook logo on it.


32. Stamp Facebook Icon

This is a flat stamp icon created by DesignBolts.


33. Facebook Round Icon

Another stitched icon for Facebook with minimalist design and a circle.


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