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Free Brand Kit Templates for your Small Business

If you’re starting your own small business, or side hustle, one of the first things you need to do as you set up your brand is to create a Brand kit. Brand kits are an essential tool for any business as they provide a consistent and unified look for a business’s marketing and communication materials. It helps you create a consistent, visual aesthetic for your brand, which will not only make things a lot easier for you and your brand, but it will help you nail down your brand identity which will make it easier for your existing and target customers to recognize your business.

How to Create a Brand Kit

Building your own brand kit may sound daunting, especially if you are just starting. But don’t worry about that, we summarized six steps for you to follow, to help you start your brand kit in no time!

Write Down Your Brand Identity

Before anything else, it’s important to iron out your brand identity. This means, coming up with your mission, vision, and core values that your brand would like to uphold. In this way, you’ll get a clearer picture of how you’d want to present your brand visually.

Curate a Color Palette

Choosing the colors of your brand is very important, finding the best color combination that perfectly reflects your brand’s identity can be hard, so we highly suggest you try using a color palette generator, to make sure your color combinations match the aesthetic you are going for and complements each other. Here’s a free color palette generator that we love, that you might want to check out!

Select a Font

Not a lot of people mind this, but a font can actually sometimes make or break your brand. If you choose a font that’s not easy on the eyes, difficult to read, or distracting, your customers might just get confused about your business. There are tons of fonts out there, and it may be hard to find the best fonts. Luckily we have a huge library of Free fonts that you can check out. You might find something there that suits your brand.

Your logo is the face of your brand, which will usually be the first thing that will leave a mark on your customers. Make sure your logo is simple, easy on the eyes, and most of all recognizable. One of our best tips when making a logo for your brand is to make sure to make the usual color and sizing reiterations. Make a way to create a consistent logo that will do well on different sizes. In this way, you can utilize your logo in different marketing platforms.

Create a Style Guide

A lot of people miss out on this very important part while creating a brand kit. A style guide will very much help you remember and execute the specifications of the visual elements of your brand. Even if you are just starting, having a solid style guide will really help you in the long run.

Make Your Strategy

You can’t have a brand kit without a strategy. Having a strategy will give you extra leverage on how you can present and properly communicate your brand to your target audience.

Brand Kit Templates

One of the best and easy ways you can create your Brand Kit is by using brand kit templates. This still follows the six steps that we mentioned earlier, but will surely make the process a lot easier for you. Using a brand kit template will help you jumpstart and organize your ideas and thoughts for your brand, and will also help you with inspiration.

Of course, to help you out, we have three websites that offer free brand kit templates that can help you get started in creating your own brand kit.

Free Brand Kit Templates in Canva

Canva is one of the most popular online design resources out there, that offers free and paid options. We checked out Canva’s brand kit templates, and they’re pretty solid. They have different themes and kinds that you can surely start with. Check them out here.

Free Brand Kit Style and Guide from Hubspot

This free brand kit from Hubspot features a 40-page guide on style, tips for choosing the right fonts, colors, and logo styles, and even gives you a list of common mistakes you should avoid when creating your own style guide. Check it out here!

Brand Kit Templates from Flipsnack

Flipsnack offers 15+ brand kit templates that you can work on and play with to create the perfect brand kit to suit your business. Click here to check it out!

Free Design Resources

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