Laborate Free Glitch Font

8+ Best Free Glitch Fonts

We’ve cataloged the best glitch fonts available to download for free on the web. These great, free display fonts are ideally suited to tech-centric web or print projects – their glitched-out, malfunctioning form retaining the satisfying geometric legibility associated with modern, ‘digital’ typefaces. Many of them fall under a creative commons license, which means they […]

35 Best Clean Fonts You Can Download For Free

In the last couple of years, we’ve seen that designers are constantly looking for more minimalistic, clean fonts. Since flat design is on a rise, designers are looking for the right clean font to match their minimalist designs. As typography is a key element in any project, when it goes to flat design you need

Best Free 80's Style Fonts

The Best Free 80’s Fonts

We’ve cataloged the best free 80’s fonts available to download on the web in the script, glitch, and pixelated styles. The idiosyncrasies of 80’s culture remain steadfast, continuing to influence producers, artists, and fashionistas into 2016. The maximalist aesthetic of the decade spawned a number of tropes that are now graphic design mainstays – 8-bit styling, neon-lit color

A List of the Best Cursive Fonts

A List of the Best Cursive Fonts

Cursive fonts are just one of those fonts that’s just so fun to use! It’s versatile and gives that classic, elegant, warm, and friendly aesthetic. We wanted to see what cursive fonts are available out there so we made this list. But before we dive into that, we have some tips and tricks for you

Best Cursive Fonts on Word

Microsoft Word, also known as “Word,” is a widely known platform that’s very accessible, easy-to-use processing software generally utilized for writing documents. Upon installation, the software already comes with some built-in fonts with varying designs. Most of them are professional fonts that you can use on more serious matters, but there are also some casual fonts on

Best Typewriter Fonts on Word

Despite the emergence of minimalist, casual, or art deco modern fonts, Typewriter fonts bring great nostalgia. It is a significant element and detail to add if you’re looking for that classic vintage touch on your texts. What Makes a Font a Classic Typewriter Font? Finding Typewriter Fonts on Word seems difficult to some, but the

45 Fonts That Look Like Handwriting

Handwriting fonts are often popular nowadays because of the casual, whimsical, and realistic look and feel that it gives to your designs, print layout, logos, or even labels. Some may think that it’s hard to get access to them, but in fact, they’re already probably available in your Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Photoshop, or even

Top 10 Handwriting Fonts We Absolutely Adore

Today we are going to talk about 10 of the most beautiful handwriting fonts. There’s something special about using fonts that look like handwriting in your designs. It makes them look more personal and give them a bohemian-ish look.  For a designer, typography is sometimes more important than the design itself. This is true especially

Best Free Hipster Fonts

30+ Essential FREE Hipster Fonts

We’ve put together a super comprehensive list of the most essential and very best FREE hipster fonts, that you can grab online, for nothing. Not bad, huh? Stop searching for great free hipster fonts, we’ve got you more than covered. Our team searched and cataloged a ton of amazing script, brush, minimal, geometric and sans serif

Free 3D Fonts

The Best 11+ FREE 3D Fonts

We’ve cataloged the best free 3D Fonts available online – each is super easy to download and ideally suited to web and print projects. Great, unique, and budget-conscious lead and display fonts are hard to find, which is why we decided to look into what free 3D options there are out there. And it turns out, there