10+ Free Cool Cursive Fonts You Need to Use in Your Next Project

There’s just something about cursive fonts that gives that classic, warm, and elegant vibe that we all love. But sometimes cursive fonts can also pass as something cool and badass! We searched for the coolest cursive fonts out there and created this list that showcases different cursive font styles so you can add these up-to-date cursive fonts to your personal font library. Of course, we made sure that they’re all free for personal use! If you’re interested to check these cool cursive fonts out, just scroll down below!

Thin Cool Cursive Fonts

Peach Sundress Cool Cursive Font

This cool cursive font just screams cute and dainty! We love how the Peach Sundress font gives those high school vibes when cursive lettering with block accents was all the rave as you decorate your lockers or notebooks! This font features all lowercase glyphs works really well for designs that call for a personalized touch with nostalgia. Click here to try this font out!

Scribble Cool Cursive Font

This cool cursive font is really true to its name! The Scribble font captures a natural scribble handwriting aesthetic that’s really perfect to use in any cool, fun, and warm design! Check this cursive font out here.

The Bright Road Cool Cursive Font

This font is a thin signature handwriting cursive style font that’s ideal for more elegant yet delicate designs. Click here to try out this font!

Mi Amor Cool Cursive Font

If you’re looking for something modern, cursive, bold, and wide then this font is for you! The Mi Amore font showcases a mixture of a scribble handwriting font with elegance. This font will definitely work best as an accent font in any minimalist design. Click here to try out this font.

Tagettes Cool Cursive Font

If you’re looking for something cool, decorative, with a vintage touch then you must try this font out! Tagettes features a lot of cool embellishments that can potentially be used in formal invites and designs. If you want to try this font out, click here.

Cool Cursive Brush Fonts

Yellow Palette Cool Cursive Brush Fonts

The Yellow Palette font is a handwritten brush cursive font that displays a lot of texture that mimics actual handwriting. This is a great brush font to use for more casual, friendly designs with a rustic feel. Click here to check this font out.

Signature Brush Cool Cursive Font

This font is basically a mixture of a signature cursive font and a brush font! We love how this cool brush cursive font can fit different designs, such as rustic, minimal, or elegant. Try this font here!

Storytail Cool Brush Cursive Font

If you’re going for the calligraphy brush font look, then you must try this font out! This handwritten script font showcases that warm, dainty look and feels that’s great to use for a more personal touch on your projects and designs. Try this font out here for free.

Widia Cool Brush Cursive Font

We absolutely love this Cool Cursive Brush font! Widia Regular presents a watercolor paintbrush aesthetic, that captures something more unique, modern yet classic. Try out this font on your cool designs now!

Hantlay Brush Cool Cursive Font

What we love about this cool cursive brush font is how it shows texture through finer details. This font is surely something fun to use on your personal DIY projects. Click here to try out this font.

Bold Cool Cursive Fonts

Lucy the Cat Bold Cursive Font

This cute bold cursive font gives us that vintage art deco feel. A great font to use on your more “bold” designs. Try it out now!

Crestone Cool Cursive Font Bold

This cursive bold font features sharp edges making it seem like the font was “written” with a slant tip marker. The Crestone Bold Cursive Font is something you can use for headlines or headings. Try this font here.

Reverse Vintage Font

This cool cursive bold font gives you that fun vintage vibe! This Reverse Vintage font will surely bring you back in time with its funky curves and bold accents that will surely make your designs stand out. Click here to try this font out!

Mellifluous Valentine Cursive Bold Font

This font is just so cute! With its, and curved edges and white accents, this font is surely a stunner. Try out this font now!

Cool Cursive Fonts

We hope you enjoyed our list of cool cursive fonts. If you’re looking for more cursive fonts check out our posts on The Best Cursive Fonts and Copy and Paste Cursive Fonts.

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