Vintage Fonts For Free

The best thing about vintage is that it never goes out of style. You can never go wrong if you are exhibiting a vintage or retro aesthetic on your designs, as it is simply classic. There are many vintage fonts out there, but we wanted to round up a list of the best vintage fonts for free. Yes, all free, which you can mostly use them for personal use. What are you waiting for? Scroll down to check out our list!

Abstract Groovy Font

Abstract Groovy showcases a 70’s font vibe with its curved edges and bubble features. This font truly makes you feel the groove! Click here to get this vintage font for free!

Mouse Memoirs Vintage Font

Mouse Memoirs is a cute, fun font that is said to be inspired by the vintage mickey mouse. This font is playful and brings that hint of nostalgia! Click here to get this vintage font for free!

Antique Book Cover Font

An exciting thing about this font is that an actual Antique book cover inspired this font. The Antique Book Cover font showcases skinny narrow serif characters with tapered edges on its surfaces for that vintage touch. Click here to download this font for free!

Gloom Vintage Font

This font’s intricate details scream vintage Hollywood glam! The Gloom typeface is perfect for that elegant classic aesthetic that we all know dates back to the retro showtime era. Click here to get this vintage font for free!

Love Craft 60’s Retro Font

The Love Craft typeface brings you back in time during the 1960s-1970s. The font showcases bold rounded characters that are slightly slanted to complete that retro effect. Get the font here!

Old Gate Lane Retro Art Font

This free vintage font gives you the look of art deco. With its filled font effect, this typeface is genuinely something that’s a blast from the past. Click here to get this vintage font for free!

Retro Craze Font

This font gives that classic 80’s fonts vibe. If you’re looking for something fun, geometric, and vintage, you can try this font out. Click here to get it for free!

Vintage Lined Font

From the name itself, this font clearly shows vintage characteristics. With its play on lines adding that retro touch, the Vintage font is truly a classic! Click here to get it!

Restroom 50’s Diner Font

This font gives that hollow-lined aesthetic creating a subtle 3-dimensional effect—a great way to add some character and fun to your vintage designs. Click here to download this vintage font for free!

Victorian Supremacy Font

The Victorian Supremacy typeface gets its design inspiration from the calligraphy styles of the Victorian Era. Its embellished characters give that authentic vintage look and feel. Get this font here!

Fontanessi Fancy Vintage Font For Free

This particular font is another vintage fonts for free that showcases embellishments for that glamorous touch. Fontanessi will surely add that eye-catching aspect to your designs. Get this font here!

Nocturne Vintage Cursive Typeface

Nocturne Typeface features a vintage cursive brush lettering style with round edges in two types; regular and rough. You can try this font if you’re aiming for a clean, retro vibe and look on your designs. This particular typeface is also both free for personal use and a free font for commercial use. To download this vintage font for free, click here!

Thirty-Seven Italic Bold Retro Font

The Thirty-Seven Italic typeface features an all caps and bold lettering style with hollow line accents for a retro touch. It also showcases all characters in italic, hence the name. This font is excellent if you’re searching for something clean, bold, and eye-catching. Click here to download this vintage font for free!

Tropic Disco 70’s Font

Tropic Disco is a retro-style typeface with a faded shimmer accent that resembles the shining spectacles you see in a disco ball. This is a fun font that brings that disco nightlife vibe! Get the font here.

Dacquoise Fancy Retro Font

The Dacquoise font is another vintage font for free that showcases this playful, fancy Art Deco-inspired look. If you’re looking for something to add to your vintage-inspired designs, definitely try this one out! Click here to get this font.

Victorian Parlor Vintage Font

Victorian Parlor Vintage is a condensed, serif typeface with embellishments inspired from the victorian era. The font perfectly captures the Victorian era’s design styles with a modern twist from its slight grunge touch on the characters. If you’re interested in trying this font, you can download it here.

Quid Pro Quo Vintage Script Font

Quid Pro Quo Font is a script handwriting font that looks like it was written with a quill pen back in the Middle Ages. You can use this font for both formal and casual designs and creative outputs. Click here to get this vintage font for free!

Stiff Staff 90s Font

The Stiff Staff typeface features a bold geometric retro-inspired font that is very decorative and playful. This font is excellent to try if you want to add that 90s touch to your work, designs, or creative output! Get this font here!

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