Cool Fonts To Draw

The art of hand lettering is a great way to express one’s creativity. It is an excellent way to add that personal hand-lettered touch to your creative projects, such as homemade greeting cards, wall art, or simply incorporating it into your journal.

There are tons of different cool font styles and hand-lettering techniques that you can find online to take inspiration from. However, sometimes it may get overwhelming, so we went ahead and created this list of cool fonts to draw that showcases different font looks to match your personal style. Scroll down to see our list!

Cool Block Fonts to Draw

Block Line Shadow Font

Block fonts are pretty straightforward and beginner-friendly to create. If you’re tired of drawing the standard simple block font, try adding some lines to the shadows of your characters. The lined shadow look will give that nice whimsical touch to your lettering. We particularly like how the way they lined the shadows of this block font from Vecteezy

Block Sketch Font

Another great way to spice up your block fonts is to add light sketch embellishments inside your characters. You can take inspiration from this letter sketch font as it showcases that rugged aesthetic that can be used in different designs.

White Pen Accent Font

A white pen is definitely essential if you’re into calligraphy and drawing. You can easily use it to spice up any of your cool fonts to draw. We love how this particular one from Vecteezy shows the different styles and accents you can do on your block fonts to create the best aesthetic that suits your taste and style!

Block Shadow Font

Here’s another inspiration for a cool block font to draw. See how the added lines on the outside give that 3D effect and the crisscross patterns inside the characters. Try this one out!

Cool Line Fonts to Draw

Double Line Serif Font

Line fonts are probably the easiest fonts to draw but can also look quite plain. A cool way to add some flare on your line fonts is simply adding a serif touch to it. You can also incorporate another line to create that double-lined effect.

White Outline Font

Here’s another creative way to use your white pen. Simply line out your block fonts on the inside to get that simple yet sleek, cool lined font aesthetic.

Triple Line Font

If we have a double-lined effect, we can also have a triple line effect! Adding two extra lines on your characters creates this retro and modern aesthetic on your fonts. So simple yet so classy!

Cool Serif Fonts to Draw

Serif Draft Font

Adding a smudged effect on your serif characters is also a great way to show that grunge, rugged aesthetic. Take a look at the example below and see if this look will work for your designs.

Curly Serif Fancy Font

Just like this example below, by simply adding curls to your serif characters, you get this feminine, dainty look on your fonts.

Serif Block Font 

Another cool font to draw is making narrow block serif fonts. This particular example has these cute small heart embellishments for that sweet, dainty aesthetic.

Serif Brush font 

If you’re using your brush pen, try adding serif lines to your characters for a unique touch.

Cool Brush Fonts to Draw

Curly Brush Font

This cool brush font is so easy to draw! Simply add curly details to the tails of your letters, and voila! Cute and curly lettering!

Thick and Thin Brush Font

This one is just a simple, sans serif brush lettering that you can do on almost any brush pen. Simply change up the weight of your lines for that thick & thin brush effect.

Simple Brush Font

This is another example of a thick-think contrast on an all print brush lettering. Very simple yet personal, minimal, and chic!

Brush Calligraphy  

If you love that simple yet classy grunge look, try using a relatively rough brush pen to create these smooth yet uneven strokes that make your characters look edgy and elegant.

Cool Lettering Fonts to Draw


This idea from Dribble is just so cute! Adding Characters on your Characters is a fun, whimsical way to bring your text to life.

Cool S Font

This style is unique and pointy. Try adding some points and edges to your characters to create a hexagon style font. This font will surely give you that modern and futuristic aesthetic.


A classic and cool font to draw is Graffiti style lettering. You can never go wrong with Graffiti style lettering, especially if you’re looking for that street vibe.

Embellished Font 

A fun and simple way to spice up your lettering is to add embellishments like lines, dots, and curves.

More Cool Fonts

If you loved this and would like to see more fonts, check out our complete font list! You might find something you like and use for your upcoming design projects!

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