40+ Free and Modern Emoji Icon Sets to Download

Emoji is a new medium for modern communication.

If you are a smartphone user, then you should be familiar with emojis. They can also be called ‘emoticons.’ Emoji was initially designed in Japan, and now they are widely used in the whole world.

For some people, it’s way easier to communicate through emoticons rather than words.

Emojis can add a lot of emotions into a dry chat with text only so that emoticons have a lot of potential, if it’s used n a creative way. Scroll down to find 40 free emoji icon sets for various purposes. You can use them for online chats, websites, branding, and mobile apps, and more.

1. Emoticons Icon Pack

A standard emoticons icon set that you can download in various formats such as SVG, EPS, PNG, and PSD.


2. Emojis Icon Pack

50 outline emoji icons that will help you to show different emotions, such as sadness, anger, love, kiss, wink, and shock.


3. Monkey Emoji Icon Pack

Fifty monkey emoji icons are premium, but they are high-quality. You can download them in different formats and styles like flat, outline, and outline colored.


4. Emoji People Icon Pack

Here is a set of emoticons with hands that showcase different emotions like silly, sad, in love, angry, and so on.


5. Freepik Emoji

This is a collection of nine smiley icons that looks like flat stickers.


6. Message Emoji Icons

Messages emoji icons with emoticons and words that say about emotions: ‘hey,’ ‘hi,’ ‘yeah,’ ‘no!’ and more.


7. Emoji Collection

Basic emoticons collection with six icons that you can get for free from Freepik.


8. Colorful Square Уmoticons

A pack of colorful square emoticons in vector EPS format. It means they don’t lose quality when you scale them.


9. Emoji CSS

A huge set of basic original emoji icons in CSS format. “Your website. Emojified.”


10. Github Speakemoji

“I personally hand-crafted these 48 speak-emojis and decided to make it free so you can use it on your project both personal or commercial. Let me know if you want raw SVG for all speakemoji. This speakemoji CSS package is created using Grumpicon by Filament Group.”


11. 20 Free Smiley Icons (Emojis)

Here are 20 smiley emoji icons that look like ghosts.


12. Animated Emoji

Add even more fun to your messenger or chat app with these animated emoji icons.


13. Watermelon Emoji Set

Hilarious watermelon emoticons are showing love, crying, anger, and laugh.


14. Blue Emoticons

This is a set of simple flat emoticons created by Austin Condiff.


15. Heart Emoji

Heart emoticons icon pack that you can get in different styles such as linear, fill, flat, and blue.


16. 100 Emoticons Icon Pack

Here are 100 funny emoticons with different characters, such as an apple, devil, skull, unicorn, sushi, star, and Ninja.


17. Dinosaur Avatars

These are hilarious dinosaurs that can help you express love, wish Happy birthday, show that you are happy and you are working.


18. Classics Emoji Icon Pack

A traditional set of emoticons created by Darius Dan.


19. Jelliemotes – First Set

The first set of my Jelliemote Collection. You can Download for the 15 Jelliemotes in png format. They are pretty big for emotes, but you can use them as you wish. MSN, Forums, you name it, I don’t mind.


20. Facebook Reactions 2.0

Animated Facebook emoji icons that you can get in MP4 format.


21. Emoticons

Flat emoticon icons with the blue backdrop and stylish shadows.


22. Great Animal Emoticons

Freepik offers several great animal emoticons with a white background. They look like stickers.


23. Hand Drawn Funny Smiley Collection

Hand-drawn funny smiley collection from Freepik that you can get for free in EPS vector format.


24. Cartoon Happy Faces

Quality cartoon emoji icons on white background. You can use them on any backdrop you need.


25. Flat Emoticon Reaction Icons

Another set of square emoticons with different emotions, including crying, love, anger, and laughter.


26. Discord Emoji

Discord emoji icons from DeviantArt.


27. Love Emoji Icon Pack

Stylish flat emoji icons with outline design.


28. Facebook UI Colored Icons

Icons and emoticons designed as Facebook UI that you can use for any project.


29. Capitalist Icons

A collection of 300 icons in 2 styles designed to become an irreplaceable part of your toolbox able to cover you for any design project.


30. Lego Icons

Cute funny Lego avatars that feature different characters such as Superman, Spider-man, Ninja, and Batman.


31. Outline Emoji

Flat thin emoji icons that will be the best choice for modern UI or app.


32. Emoji Apples 2

Apple emotions that show various emotions from love to anger.


33. Flat emoticons

Flat style icons with bold lines and emotions.


34. Bear Emoji

These hilarious emoticons look like small bears with ears. It would be an excellent choice for kids app or website.


35. Emoji People

Use these people emoticons to spice up your chat app.


36. Flat Emoticons Fantastic Penguin

Who does not like penguins? Here is a pack with cute penguin emoji icons.


37. Pigs Emoji

Another pack of emoji icons designed as small pigs.


38. Avatars Emoji Icons

You can download one of these emotions and use as an avatar. Here you’ll find a king, pirate, spaceman, and fox.


39. Clothes Emoji

This is a collection of emoji icons with clothes, girls, stars and other feminine icons.


40. Red Cheeks Emoji

These emoji icons are designed with red cheeks in anime style.


41. Flat Emojis Blue Tones

One more flat emoji icons set with flat design and minimalist look.


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