Free Bold Handwriting Fonts

Our Favorite Free Bold Handwritten Fonts

Bold Handwriting fonts are great for adding a bit of personality to your designs, artworks, and more! This is why we came up with a curated list of bold handwritten fonts that you can use for your digital design projects. The best part is, that the fonts on our list are all free fonts you […]

Bold Italic Fonts Hipsthetic

Free Bold Italic Fonts For Your Design Projects

A font can really make a difference and create a totally new look in your design projects, which is why choosing the right font and knowing how to use a front properly is important. One type of font that’s generally not that used is bold fonts. People usually think that bold fonts aren’t really important,

Modern Brush Fonts Hipstehtic

Free Modern Brush Fonts

Brush fonts are always a classic, it gives you that rustic, DIY, homey feel that’s great to add to any project that calls for a cozy aesthetic. We love free design resources as much as you do, so we’re always on the watch for inspiring typography. In this list, we wanted to focus on not

A List of the Best Paid Fonts for Upcoming Designers

There are a ton of different paid fonts out there, but we wanted to curate a list of the best. Before we dive into the list, let’s talk about the advantages of purchasing fonts, and their difference from free fonts. Is it worth it to buy a font, or would you be better off just

How to Convert OTF to TTF and Vice Versa

Ever wonder when you download a font, and you get either a TTF file or an OTF file, or sometimes both? Well, let’s talk more about the differences between TTF and OTF fonts and how you can interchangeably convert these font files to each other. What are the different types of font files? There are

How to Make Money with Your Handwriting

If you’re looking for a way to earn extra income, we have an idea for you, and it’s a passive income idea to be exact! Passive income is a great way to earn money without having to put too many hours of your daily schedule or time into it. But do not be fooled, just

Invitation Calligraphy Fonts for your Wedding Invites

Invitation fonts can get tricky, not many realize how important it is to choose the right font for your invites, as it can give an impact to the first impression of your event. To help you out, we decided to curate a font list of the best invitation calligraphy fonts that you can utilize on

The Best Free Fonts for Banners

Thinking about what fonts to use for banners, headlines, or big signs? We’re here to help! Technically, you can use whatever font you fancy, however, we feel that there are a few things that we think you can use as points for consideration when choosing a banner font which we will discuss in a bit.

Free Arts and Crafts Fonts for your Next Projects

Arts and Crafts is a great way to express yourself through creativity and an avenue to get in touch with your imaginative and artistic side. There are tons of different activities that you can do in arts and crafts, as they say, “creativity is limitless!” We want to contribute to your journey in Arts in

Cursive Clean Fonts Hipsthetic

10+ Free Clean Cursive Fonts You Need in Your Designs

We absolutely adore clean fonts and cursive fonts, so we thought why not make a catalog of clean cursive fonts! These fonts in our list comprise of different cursive and minimal font styles that can suit different occasions, from elegant to casual we have it all for you! The best part is, they’re free and