Free Arts and Crafts Fonts for your Next Projects

Arts and Crafts is a great way to express yourself through creativity and an avenue to get in touch with your imaginative and artistic side. There are tons of different activities that you can do in arts and crafts, as they say, “creativity is limitless!”

We want to contribute to your journey in Arts in Crafts, which is why we thought of creating this list of fonts that you can use in your creations! These fonts are all free for personal use, and are readily available to download with just one click! Check out our list of fonts below!

Decorative Brush Arts and Craft Fonts

Lovely Summer Font

Looking for a classic brush font for your homey, rustic projects? The Lovely Summer Font is just the right font for you! The font features a great contrast on upper and lower case letters along with its perfect combination of dark and light strokes. To download and try out this font, click here.

Paisley Brush Font

What we love about the Paisley Brush font is its mix of dainty and elegance. Its thin weight makes the dark strokes stand out, yet keeping the font’s delicate look. We also love the cute heart accents on certain characters that just add an extra personal touch to the font. We surely recommend this font for projects with a warm touch. Download this font and try it on your crafts here!

Dream Heart Brush Font

This is another great brush font that we love to use on anything, and anywhere! The Dream Heart Font features a classic brush font with a touch of narrowness. It gives you that cool, rustic yet hip vibe that’s great on different types of projects and works. Try out and download this font here.

Bold Arts and Crafts Fonts

Ubie Bold Decorative Font

We just absolutely love this font! It’s just so cute!! The Ubie font showcases a bold bubble-like font. We think this font will work so well as a heading or a banner font, because it’s easy on the eyes and definitely eye-catching! Try out and download this font here.

Blood Bold Font

What we love about this font is it has a mix of structure and softness. The Blood Bold font showcases soft edges and dense lines that mesh well to create this modern bold font. This font will surely go well as an accent font or even a font for a headline. Try this font out on your next project! Click here to download.

I Like it Bold Font

I Like it Bold font really speaks out to us! Its simple yet eye-catching design may work for people interested in minimal fonts. We also love how each character have smooth rounded edges to complete that clean warm look. Try out this font here.

Creative Culture Font

Another bold font that we love for its details! The Creative Culture font mixes the softness of curves and the rigidness of lines subtly in its accented pointed curved ends and structured characters. Truly this font is a great accent piece on your personal projects! Click here to download.

Hand Crafted Font

The Hand Crafted Font features an all caps serif bold font that has character and impact. This bold font will work wonders as your banner fonts or heading fonts as its pleasant to the eye and shares that courageous vibe. Download and try out the Hand Crafted Font here.

Creative Arts and Crafts Fonts

Hello Kidos Font

We love how this font resembles balloons formed together! It’s fun, casual and definitely great to use on more friendly whimsical designs and projects. Download and try out this font here now!

Janda Fabulous Font

Looking for something quirky and distinct? Well you must try the Janda Fabulous Font! We love how this whimsy font puts together various different designs and textures in one typeface! Simply amazing and fun! You must try out these fonts on your projects that call for that extra impact! Check out and download this font here.

Digidon Font

Our last but definitely not the least in our font list, the Digidon Font! We love how these eclectic patterns fill in this chunky serif font. The patterns seem like a font that’s great to draw too and be filled with different colors for that vibrant fun vibe. Try out this font now, click here to download!

Arts and Crafts Fonts

We hope you liked our list of fonts that you can use for your arts and crafts projects. For more font ideas check out our post on cool fonts to draw .

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