65+ Stunning Serif Fonts

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Serif fonts are one of the most used fonts out there. Which is why we created this list! In this list, we collated over 65 stunning serif fonts in modern and contemporary styles. Serif types can be paired with calligraphy fonts, adding elegance and classic vibes to any design. Achieve that traditional look with these serif fonts!

You can download any of these fonts today and use them for your projects. Some fonts have a license for personal use only. Ensure to check it if you need a font for commercial purposes.

1. Aaargh Font

Aaargh is a simple, minimalist serif font with soft lines. You can use it for both commercial and personal projects.


2. Butler Font

Fabian De Smet created this font. It will be a perfect choice for books, newspapers, posters, and headlines.


3. Acherus Grotesque

Here is a serif font based on geometric forms. Use it for commercial purposes.


4. Blacker Text Family

Blacker is a wedge serif font made by Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini and Andrea Tartarelli.


5. Gringo

Gringo typeface is inspired by wild west. It has a decorative style with individual stems.


6. Barbaro Font Family

Barbaro is a western heavy serif font that goes in two styles. Choose which style you like the best.


7. Highlux – Free Typeface

Highlux is a free clean serif font with small details. Click on download for free button.


8. Metrica – Free Font Download

Metrika is a creative serif type. You can download the uppercase version for free. Ask for permission to use it for commercial purposes.


9. Neato Serif Font Family

Neato serif font family goes in regular and italics versions. Adam Ladd creates it.


10. Firefly Font

Firefly is another decorative serif font created by hand. “It is a brand new hand-drawn font that comes with a full set of glyphs as well as a few alternatives, and it’s FREE.”


11. Walker: a Handlettered Serif

Walker is a fantastic premium serif font with a clean feel and look. It will make an ideal combination with calligraphy fonts.


12. Rancho Font

Rancho is a bold serif typeface with script style. It has uppercase and lowercase characters.


13. Bubbler One

Bubbler One is a serif display font available for commercial and personal projects.


14. Aventura – Free typeface

Aventura free serif font has a hipster style. Use it for any design projects related to travel or camping.


15. Wensley Modern Serif Font Family

Wensley is a modern serif font with premium quality. It comes in light, regular, and bold versions.


16. Yeseva One

Yeseva one is a free serif font with feminine style. It got its name from the phrase: “Yes, Eva.”


17. Vogue Font

Vogue font mimics the style of one favorite magazine with the same name. You can use this font for personal projects, but you need to buy a license for commercial purposes.


18. MADE Canvas

Canvas is a font family with a high-contrast look. It is free for personal use.


19. Coldiac – Luxury Serif Font

Coldiac is a premium luxury serif font that you can purchase. The font goes in italics and regular styles.


20. ChunkFive Ex

ChunkFive Ex is one of the popular serif fonts in this collection with a robust and bold style. It has all characters for Latin and Cyrillic writing.


21. The Lovato Font Family

Lovato is a modern sharp serif type inspired by inscriptional lettering.


22. Manhattan | A High Class Serif

Manhattan is a classy all-caps typeface with sleek lines and thin serifs.


23. Apple Garamond

Apple Garamond is a basic serif font suitable for posters, books, letterheads, postcards, and all types of headlines.


24. Timeless

Download Timeless in bold and regular versions. It is an elegant serif typeface.


25. Baskervville

“Baskervville is a revival of Jacob’s revival of Baskerville’s typeface. Berger-Levrault Foundry from 1815 distributed it”.


26. London | A Luxe Serif

If you are looking for ideal serif font that you can use for commercial projects, search no more. London font has a classy, luxurious style.


27. Bodoni XT

Bodoni is a vintage style serif font created by Manfred Klein.


28. Kubika Slab Serif

Kubika is a stylish font with sturdy square serifs. It goes in all-caps that makes this type a perfect solution for titles.


29. Nouvelle Vague

This font is a primary serif typeface. You can purchase an updated version for commercial use.


30. Visby Slab CF: geometric slab serif

With 16 different weights, Visly Slab is an amazingly versatile font. It has a geometric slab serif design.


31. Calluna font

Calluna is an interesting serif font with simple style. Use it for both personal and commercial purposes.


32. Clyde | A Vintage Slab Serif Family

Clyde is a bold slab serif typeface inspired by traveling on wild west.


33. Inkferno typeface

Inkferno is a sharp high-contrast font with strict lines. It has uppercase, lowercase, and numbers.


34. Chloe – A Classic Typeface

Check out this classic, elegant typeface that can add a subtle vintage flair to your designs.


35. Brilon Font + Extras

Brilon is a serif font with calligraphy details inspired by the Art Deco era.


36. Sanford

Sanford is a classic basic font with serifs. Use it on any project.


37. Vienna | Modern Serif Font

Vienna is a serif font with a classy modern look. It will be an ideal choice for editorial designs.


38. Lova Valove Serif

Here is a gorgeous duo font that contains a creative calligraphy font with swashes, and simple slab serif font.


39. Luthier Free Font

Luthier Free Font is a high-contrast type with different styles. It was designed by Adrià Gómez.


40. Vinegar

Vinegar font is designed by Jelloween. It is free for personal use.


41. Calgary | An Essential Serif

Calgary is a delicate all-caps serif font with elegant vibes.


42. Airbag typeface

Airbag is a bold display typeface with large serifs and vintage shadow. It looks the bets in large size.


43. Ledger

Ledger is a robust high-contrast typeface with wedge-like serifs.


44. The Stay Classy Font Duo

Here is a stylish modern font duo with classic vibes. There is one serif basic font with calligraphy script type.


45. Hagin

Hagin is a modern, stylish serif font available in two weights: medium and thin.


46. Brela Free Font

Thanks to a tall x-height, Brela is a flexible legible font. Editorial designers created it. Use for any kind of web and print projects. It would be a perfect addition to our collection of free Hipster fonts.


47. Lucida Modern Serif Font

Lucida is a clean, minimalist font made by Black Dahlia Press. It can be used for websites, blogs, business cards, flyers, posters, and all types of titles.


48. Bruno

Bruno is a sizeable strong typeface with classic serifs. It is a perfect solution for headings.


49. Hyogo Free Modern Serif Font

Hyogo is a modern serif font that mixes charm and romance at the same time.


50. Endurest Font

Built to withstand the challenge of trends and time. Inspired from the graphing technique of the late Sir Raymond DaBoll but with markers, acrylics, and digital touches to create balance among heights and spacing.


51. Free Cammron Serif Font

The font Cammron with clean serifs contains only uppercase glyphs and numbers.


52. Waves – Ultra Condensed Serif

Waves is a classic modern serif type perfect for logos, signs, and headlines.


53. Free Haana Slab Serif Font

Here is Haana, a slab serif typeface with all-caps. It also contains numbers.


54. Thomas Mag Serif 9 Fonts Family Pack

With nine different weights, this font will suit any type of project. You can get it in OTF, TTF, WOFF, and WOFF2 formats.


55. KILAUEA Font

Look at Kilauea font made by German Di Ciccio. It is made in all-caps so that you can use it for headlines.


56. Versailles | A Classic Sans

Versailles is a classic serif type with clean, sharp lines. It looks the best on branding identity.


57. Abraham Lincoln

Advertisement and playbills of 1800 inspired this display serif font.


58. Aurora – Serif Font for Designers

Aurora is available with uppercase, lowercase characters, and numbers.


59. Matchbook

This is a cool vintage font with rounded serifs and soft lines. Give it an old western look with textures.


60. Spring Market – Rustic Font

Spring Market is a farmhouse-style serif font. One of my first-ever releases, it was lovingly hand-drawn on an iPad.


61. Seriffic

Seriffic was created by Chequered Ink. It is for personal use only.


62. Faroe | A Modern Serif

Faroe is a stylish serif font that makes an ideal pair with Baskerville Regular.


63. Geared

Check out four amazing weights of Geared font. It was motivated by industrial culture.


64. Parlour – Vintage Serif

Tattoo shops and barbers inspired this font. It goes with a stylish texture.


65. Lara – Sophisticated Serif Typeface

Lara is a classic and slightly curved serif typeface. Its striking look makes it perfect for headers.


66. Open Serif

Open Serif is an excellent combination to Open Sans that is the most popular font on the web.


Over to You

Do you like our list of traditional yet modern serif fonts? Then, you definitely need to check out our previous showcase of retro fonts from the 80s. What font from this collection are you going to use soon? Share your thoughts in the comment field below.

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