Halloween Fonts for Word Hipsthetic

Halloween Fonts for Word

One of the easiest ways to create Halloween-themed texts and banners is through Microsoft word. The software already houses some cool fonts that you can use for plenty of different occasions, so using Microsoft word for your last-minute Halloween decor might save you!

In this post, we created a list of our favorite Halloween fonts for word that are already preinstalled in the software so you won’t really need to do much but create your texts. We also listed a few of our favorite Halloween fonts for free that are easily downloadable and you can install to your computer and use on Microsoft word.

Halloween Fonts for Word

Algerian Halloween Font for Word

The Algerian font is an all-capital, serif font with some cool accents. Though it’s not entirely a spooky or creepy font, you can still use this font as a Halloween font! You can still totally use this and incorporate this font into your Halloween decor, especially for signage or banners, because the font is big in size, making it easy to see and read. The best part, it is already in your Microsoft word, so this makes it completely hassle-free to use!

Blackadder ITC Halloween Fonts for Word

The Blackadder font is simply a classic! We think it’s absolutely perfect to use on Halloween-themed designs as the font simply gives that dark old-style writing that comes with a mysterious vibe. This can surely work on one of your spooky Halloween designs!

Blackadder Halloween Fonts for Word Hipsthetic

Papyrus Font

The Papyrus font is another great font to be used on themed designs. Though this font isn’t really made for Halloween, we still think it can be used for the occasion. The Papyrus font features a nice rustic texture that can be a good added touch to your Halloween texts and banners. Try it out yourself!

Halloween Fonts for Word Free Downloads

We wanted to include a few fonts that we really enjoy using for Halloween, that can be easily downloaded and used on Microsoft word. All of these fonts are free to use, and can be easily accessible with just a click!

How Do I Add Fonts in Word?

Adding fonts in word is very easy and doesn’t require a lot of complicated steps. Check out our post on how to add fonts in word for a more in-depth tutorial.

Nightmare Halloween Fonts for Word

The nightmare font showcases exactly what a nightmare can give you… gooey icky dripping goo or blood! That’s why this font is really perfect for your Halloween decors, banners, or designs. It will surely give you the creeps! Download this font here.

Halloween Spider Halloween Fonts for Word

This is one of our favorite Halloween themed fonts! With its handwritten marker-type font with a touch of creepy crawlies! We absolutely love the font’s way to incorporate cute web and spider illustrations into its characters. This really brings out the festive Halloween spirit! Download and try out this font here.

Creepsville Halloween Fonts for Word

Here’s another font that’s just perfect for Halloween! Creepsville mixes both gooey and creepy in one, with its characters having a sharp dripping accent creating the ultimate Halloween experience. What are you waiting for? Try out this font here!


Wild Wood Halloween Fonts for Word

We love how this font has so much creepy potential! The wild wood font features block serif characters with interesting accents. The font’s accents are tiny branches that look like are coming out of each character and letter from the font. This font may not be particularly designed for Halloween use, but we just absolutely love how it can be creepy or fit in the Halloween theme. What do you think? Well try out this font, you can download it here.

Wild Wood Halloween Fonts for Word Hipsthetic

Groovy Ghosties Halloween Fonts for Word

Here’s something different to cap our list. Who knew that Ghosts could be groovy!? The Groovy Ghosties font perfectly captures the fun Halloween vibe with a not so spooky but rather cute font full of ghosts! This font is surely kid-friendly and treat-friendly. Try it out here!


More Halloween Fonts

Looking for more Halloween Fonts? Check out our post on our favorite Halloween fonts to download for free! Also, check out our top Halloween slide templates you might find something you want to use this Halloween!

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