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FREE Templates You can Use for Work

Templates are awesome! They help you with your productivity by eliminating those extra minutes that you spend thinking about how to layout your resume or add effects to your PowerPoint presentation, the list goes on and on. Since we love templates so much, we decided to share with you some of our favorite free work-related […]

Modern Brush Fonts Hipstehtic

Free Modern Brush Fonts

Brush fonts are always a classic, it gives you that rustic, DIY, homey feel that’s great to add to any project that calls for a cozy aesthetic. We love free design resources as much as you do, so we’re always on the watch for inspiring typography. In this list, we wanted to focus on not

Free Bold Handwriting Fonts

Our Favorite Free Bold Handwritten Fonts

Bold Handwriting fonts are great for adding a bit of personality to your designs, artworks, and more! This is why we came up with a curated list of bold handwritten fonts that you can use for your digital design projects. The best part is, that the fonts on our list are all free fonts you

Halloween Fonts for Word Hipsthetic

Halloween Fonts for Word

One of the easiest ways to create Halloween-themed texts and banners is through Microsoft word. The software already houses some cool fonts that you can use for plenty of different occasions, so using Microsoft word for your last-minute Halloween decor might save you! In this post, we created a list of our favorite Halloween fonts

Templates you can use in word

Microsoft Word isn’t just a place where you create your boring plain documents, it can be very useful to create a plethora of things. Did you know there are a lot of Microsoft word templates that you can utilize? If you didn’t know, you’re in luck! We created this list so more people can utilize

Free Google Slide Templates

Google slides is one of the most accessible online free software that you can utilize for different purposes. The best part about it is you can use different free slide templates that cater to different themes and purposes that can cater to your needs. We collated a list of different Google slide templates that are

Free Brand Kit Templates Hipsthetic

Free Brand Kit Templates for your Small Business

If you’re starting your own small business, or side hustle, one of the first things you need to do as you set up your brand is to create a Brand kit. Brand kits are an essential tool for any business as they provide a consistent and unified look for a business’s marketing and communication materials.

sci fi fonts hipsthetic

Free Sci-fi Fonts For Your Font Library

Sci-fi fonts are most often overlooked and unappreciated. But these fonts are pretty cool and fun to have in your font library. These fonts inspired by science fiction are often characterized by a futuristic look. They’re also known as sci-fi typefaces, space fonts, or futuristic fonts. There are plenty of great sci-fi fonts out there—you

How to Make a Mockup on Photoshop in 5 Steps

Mock-ups are great! It’s a great tool to help your small or big business to level up your marketing content or help you visualize your product before you go all in with production. Mock-ups are easily available to buy on different platforms, but if you’re strapped for cash, you can totally make one on your

Top Free Vaporwave Fonts in Canva Hipsthetic

Top Free Vaporwave Fonts in Canva

Vaporwave fonts are back, and in this list, we are giving you our top free vaporware fonts from one of our favorite design websites, Canva! Before we dive into our list, let’s discuss vaporware and what is it exactly. Where did Vaporwave Come From? Vaporwave is an electronic music genre that was born out of