Best Cursive Fonts on Word

Microsoft Word, also known as “Word,” is a widely known platform that’s very accessible, easy-to-use processing software generally utilized for writing documents. Upon installation, the software already comes with some built-in fonts with varying designs. Most of them are professional fonts that you can use on more serious matters, but there are also some casual fonts on […]

Best Typewriter Fonts on Word

Despite the emergence of minimalist, casual, or art deco modern fonts, Typewriter fonts bring great nostalgia. It is a significant element and detail to add if you’re looking for that classic vintage touch on your texts. What Makes a Font a Classic Typewriter Font? Finding Typewriter Fonts on Word seems difficult to some, but the

45 Fonts That Look Like Handwriting

MyFonts the Largest Selection of Professional Fonts For Any Project CLICK HERE Handwriting fonts are often popular nowadays because of the casual, whimsical, and realistic look and feel that it gives to your designs, print layout, logos, or even labels. Some may think that it’s hard to get access to them, but in fact, they’re

Free Kitchen And Cooking Vector Icon Sets

10+ Great FREE Kitchen And Cooking Vector Icons

We’ve looked everywhere for free kitchen and cooking vector icons and listed our 10+ favorites – available to download, in just a few clicks. Each of these 10+ free kitchen and cooking vector icon sets comes as a fully editable and scalable Adobe illustrator file. Their versatility and on-trend, minimalist, flat design style make them ideally


38 Best Twitter Icons Our There

Twitter is a popular social medium that allows you to share messages up to 140 characters long with your followers. Around 500 million tweets are dispatched on Twitter every day. Twitter is also an amazing platform to put your brand out on, share news and articles, products, images, and drive traffic to your website. With

33 Best Free Facebook Icons for Your Website

Facebook is the most popular social media network that everybody uses. It has over 2,3 billion active users that are almost half of the world population. There is an easy way to encourage people on your website or blog share the content you create – it’s using social media buttons. Here we have put together

32 Best Free Instagram Icons Out There

Every month 1.1 billion users around the globe use Instagram. Probably, you have already seen posts and stories of your friends on Instagram today. Businesses can’t deny this huge social media platform that is also a perfect place to promote products and services. Scroll down to see a collection of beautiful, creative, clean, and minimalist

41 Best Free Email Icons for Any Use

Email marketing is not dead! It is one of the most important channels that allow businesses to connect with their customers, both previous and potential ones. If you have not implemented email newsletters into your marketing routine yet, you need to think about it. Emails help you to build audience that converts. We have put

Top Digital Denim Textures Free to Download

In the ever-evolving realm of digital design, textures play a pivotal role in adding depth and character to creative projects. Regarding textiles, denim stands out as a timeless and versatile material that has found its way into countless fashion designs, branding elements, and digital artworks. Designers and creatives often seek high-quality denim textures to enhance

Top 10 Handwriting Fonts We Absolutely Adore

Today we are going to talk about 10 of the most beautiful handwriting fonts. There’s something special about using fonts that look like handwriting in your designs. It makes them look more personal and give them a bohemian-ish look.  For a designer, typography is sometimes more important than the design itself. This is true especially