Useful Ideas To Affect Your Productivity As A Student

Resources | Stefanie . 29 Oct

Attending classes and doing homework are just a couple of components that make student life the way it is. There are many more things to succeed with, and there is very little time given. We know that. That means that you need to make the process as productive as possible.…

5 Reasons for a Student Not to Hate Writing Research Papers

Resources | Stefanie . 29 Oct

You've heard it many times: “Wait till you start working. You will know what it is to have no time for partying”, “High school/college/university is the best time of your life!” The high pitched voices echoing in our tired head. Red faces, or worse: those smirk smiles, you want to…


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13 of the Best Online Tools for Content Writers

Resources | Stefanie . 16 Oct

Regardless of the level of experience, content writing can trigger some challenges at some point. Lack of ideas, a few grammar and spelling mistakes, or content that isn’t 100% unique are issues that many content writers often face.  In order to improve the quality of your work, perhaps you should…

Why Every Business Needs a LinkedIn Profile

Resources | Stefanie . 29 Sep

LinkedIn seems to be under the radar for quite a lot of businesses. It appears that they focus on other social media platforms but ignore this one for no good reason. There are plenty of perks that this website has to offer, and if you have not had a chance…