Handpicked Black Friday Deals For Designers And Developers

Editor’s Picks | Yuval . 23 Nov

We have prepared an amazing selection of handpicked Black Friday deals for web designers and developers. There are more than 25 different solutions that are covering many fields: heatmaps, freelance invoicing, website browser testing, WordPress themes, and many other cool things. You will find hugely discounted items, free stuff or web tools…

IKEA Creates Space-Themed Micro Living Furniture

Editor’s Picks | Yuval . 9 Nov

Micro living and tiny houses have become quite the trend here lately. Even if you aren’t living in a tiny home, saving space is always a plus. Ikea had all of these factors in mind when they created their latest collection. The new collection, named Rumtid, showcases specially designed micro…


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Hyper-Realistic Artwork That’ll Leave You Speechless

Editor’s Picks | Yuval . 8 Nov

Art has come a long way since the days of Van Gogh. Pieces like Starry Night will always have a place in history and no doubt played as a stepping stone to aspiring artists today. But, while those pieces are very beautiful and priceless, you can definitely tell that they’re…

Bauhaus Inspired Fonts From Typekit are Headed Our Way

Editor’s Picks | Yuval . 7 Nov

Bauhaus was a world-renowned design school based in Germany in the early 20th century. Roughly 100 years after the grand opening of the school, Adobe Typekit has announced that they have created five brand new Bauhaus Inspired Fonts. During its time, Bauhaus inspired many people to become designers. That inspiration…