Amazing Color Trends of 2018 That We’ll See in 2019

Digital Art | Yuval . 6 Nov

Color has always been a massive inspiration for design. In any industry, you’ll find colors that associate with certain businesses. For example, Coca-cola is red, Snapchat is yellow, and Spotify is green. These industry giants have branded themselves with these colors, and have no need to change. But, that’s not…

10 of the Best Futuristic Sci-Fi Fonts

Digital Art | Yuval . 5 Nov

Science fiction has been a huge market ever since its creation and shows no sign of stopping. When you’re trying to give off a sci-fi vibe, it’s critical that you use sci-fi fonts. “What exactly does that look like?”, you might ask. Well, here’s a great list of some of…


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10 of the Best Bold Typefaces to Use This Summer

Digital Art | Yuval . 1 Nov

Bold font can say a lot about a project. Using the right one can make the difference between mediocre and extraordinary. With that said, we’ve compiled a list of our 15 favorite bold fonts to use for this summer and beyond. 10. Building Building is a free sans serif typeface…

NOAH: The Latest and Greatest in Smart Watch Tech

Fashion | Yuval . 19 Sep

Over the recent years, many technologies have become increasingly popular. Among these rising tech gadgets is the smart watch. Smart watches have exploded in popularity with business professionals and tech savvy people alike. But at this point, it’s all pretty much the same product, isn’t it? With each release of…