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The Museum of Virtual Art (MOVA) showcases the bizarro work of digital artists in a video game-like gallery space.

MOVA is a project of digital artists Nicholas Zhu and Michael Bordlee that ‘seeks to widen the ability of audiences to experience a curated collection without having to pay, move, or suppress themselves into the architectural standards of physical galleries and museums worldwide.’

Nicole Ruggiero Museum of Virtual ArtThe Museum officially ‘opened’ Feb 10th and is available to download, for free, from co-creator Nicholas Zhu’s website. Simultaneously, the Facebook group described as ‘ground zero for MOVA organizers and participants’ will be changed from ‘secret’ to ‘closed’, meaning that anyone interested in the project can request to join.

MOVA’s catalog includes works from Nicole RuggieroCraig Blackmoore and 28 other multidisciplinary artists ‘opening up the possibilities, not only of viewership, but of production to the public communities.’

Killian Stark Museum of Virtual Art

It’s creators hope that MOVA 1 will be a torch-bearer for virtual art spaces – encouraging stakeholders to mutate and repurpose it’s form. Nicholas Zhu suggests that ‘For future iterations of MOVA all discussions remain public and that the MOVA name be used only as a prefix to the given community, location, or otherwise purpose of its edition (ex. MOVA 2, MOVA NYC, MOVA POC, etc.).’.

You can download MOVA 1 for Windows and Mac, read the groups mission statement and browse the complete catalog of works through Nixolas Zhu’s website.

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