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This Redesign Is Everything Pokemon GO Could Have Been

One disgruntled Pokemon Go fan has given the app’s UI a complete overhaul – and it looks painfully brilliant.

With the now ubiquitous apps record breaking success,  ridiculous download figures and insane popularity it’s not surprising that Pokemon GO has also faced it’s fair share of critique.  An apparently pretty sizeable portion of it’s usersbase have taken to Twitter, Facebook and Reddit to vent their frustrations at Niantic’s inability or perceived unwillingness to address issues, issues that some say have plagued the experience since day one.

That’s why one supefan, Wendy Borg, decided to do something about it – wielding some pretty awesome graphic design skills – she put together a redesign proposal that reccomends and visualises new features and polishes some of the apps existing ones.

‘As a long time Pokémon fan, I was quite happy to hear that Nintendo finally decided to make a Pokémon MMO (well…sort of). Unfortunately, the app has a lot to wish for. The battery life is rather short and the game sometimes has issues notifying you on time. Furthermore, features so inherent to the franchise are currently still missing, among which trading and battling. This redesign incorporates all those features to recapture the enjoyable experience that Pokémon players have grown so fond of over the years.’

You can give the project your support and follow Wendy Borg’s work over at Behance.

Pokemon GO redesign by Wendy BorgApp Rdesign - Pokemon GO

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