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These Super Cute Animated GIF’s Revive Retro Electronics

French graphic designer Guillaume Kurkdjian brings 80’s and 90’s tech back to life in a series of 3D, isometric animated gifs.

The series, which Kurkdjian posts to Tumblr brings life to video cameras, computers, toys and musical instruments from the 80s and 90s through neat animations that sees mechanisms being pushed, pressed, pulled and switched.

The satisfyingly chunky 3D modelling and soft, pastel colour palette play on the cutesy pixelated graphics that we associate with 80’s video game graphics – imbuing retro aesthetics with a neat contemporary feel.

You can follow Guillaume’s work at his websitedribbblebehance or twitter and keep tabs on the hopefully ongoing ‘Electronic Items’ series at Tumblr.

90's Bontempi Keyboard GIF

80's Remote Control Truck GIF

90's Handycam GIF

Retro CD Player GIF

80's Minitel Computer GIF


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