Instagram Artist - Pete Ulatan

These Inception-Inspired Edits are Trippy As Hell

Pete Ulatan’s abstract angular edits that morph urban skylines, seascapes, oceans and skies are trippy, bizzare and totally mindbending.

The fanatsical works created by graphic designer and photographer Pete Ulatan are the kind of dreamlike imaginings that Christopher Nolan’s Inception inspires. Through Photoshop, he chops up personally and publicly-sourced images and stitches them back together so that waves appear to be falling from the sky and otherwise ordinary cityscapes are rendered as cubist masterpieces.

You can check out Pete Ulatan’s portfolio at and follow his work via Instagram.

Ulatan Instagram - Angular WavesUlatan Instagram - London Angular ImageUlatan Instagram - Angular PlaneUlatan Instagram - Angular OceanUlatan Instagram - Angular CityscapeUlatan Instagram - Soft Pink Skies

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