75+ Eye-Catching and Unique Packaging Designs to See

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Today we are talking about the importance of unique packaging designs in a world where people seek the best quality-price ratio for their daily used products.

The market is so overwhelmed with products these days. The competition is so high that it’s quite challenging to stand out from the crowd. Talking about food and drinks, sometimes vivid colorful design is almost the best way to pop.

Before we discuss the importance of unique packaging designs for your products, allow me to ask you a few questions. Have you ever read a book chosen by its covers? How many times have you tried a new candy just because its wrap was all sparkly and cute? How many products have you bought and you still don’t know what brand they were to this day? Why are these questions important? Because today we are talking not only about unique packaging designs but also about the importance of selling good quality products.

While the consecrated brands have won their popularity when the competition wasn’t this tight, the newly launched products need a bit more effort to get to the top. Coca-Cola, Hershey’s, Colgate, Nesquick, Lavazza, Nivea and many other illustrious brands’ design suffered little to no change during the centuries. Is it because of their unique packaging designs? Not really. The quality-price ratio of a product has been and always will be the customer’s first interest you have to meet. There’s nothing more disappointing than a nicely wrapped chocolate that tastes like cheap, you know what I mean?

However, this doesn’t mean that the unique packaging designs wouldn’t represent an advantage for your line of work. When your competitor is a brand with authority, your product has to dress unique and eye-catching clothes. Undoubtedly, the brands that afford to sell quality products will take care of the way they look, as well.

Nowadays you have plenty of options to choose from when designing your product’s packaging. Whether you adopt a minimalist look or a vibrant color wrapping paper, make sure your product stands out in the crowd. Also, the font you use is critically important, as you want your potential buyers to be able to read off the label whatever may interest them. Of course, some people will continue buying the same products that they’ve been buying all their lives because they trust them. You are here for the other category of people who always look for ways to break routine, for the curious and courageous ones. Make them choose you by following the five keys to creating unique packaging designs:

1. Fun is always a trend.
2. Make uniqueness your new religion.
2. People have a preference for paper over plastic.
3. Sell only what you would buy for yourself.
4. Think as if there were no box at all.

Last but not least engage as many sensory receptors as possible. Do you remember the big fuss the perfumed markers made in schools a while back? Markers are not supposed to have a different odor representing each color, but when they do, they become a trend. Engage your customers’ sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch for a greater impact.

In this list, we have collected 75+ really creative and unique packaging designs you need to see. They are using perfect bright color combinations, bold typography, geometrical figures, vivid patterns and, fun images.

1. Resonance, by Lukas Wakamatsu


2. Paper Kings playing cards by 


3. Paleo, by Martin Azambuja


4. Fossil Watch Tins, by Aaron Eiland


5. YOU ROCK!, by Patswerk


6. Chiclets, by Amro Thabit


7. Zoe Juices, by Beetroot Design


8. Naked Marshmallow Co – Branding and Packaging Design, by Desing Happy


9. Shape Republic, by Studio Oeding


10. Archer Farms Coffee, by Jules Tardy and Flora Chan


11. El Metate – Chocolate Packaging, by Sarah Herlant


12. BORTÁRSASÁG Christmas Wine Selection, by SUBMACHINE




14. Qualicum Coffee & Tea Branding & Packaging Design, by Laura Prpich


15. I CAN SPICE, by Dekoratio Branding and Design Studio 


16. Terroir Chocolate – 2017 Holiday Collaboration, by Eight Hour Day


17. Turner’s Chocolate Peppermint Milk, by Emrich Office


18. Mighty Swell Cocktails, by Drew Lakin


19. DOTOD, by Ramin Nasibov


20. Humbly Rejected, by Kenny Coil


21. Single Origin Tags, by Andrew Berkemeyer


22. Cook Salads

Unique Packacking

23. Turner’s School Milk Cartons, by Emrich Office


24. Bricchetto Sangiovese // Wine Box Packaging, by Studio-JQ


25. Local Flavour Urban Honey, by Chloe Jackson and Green Chameleon


26. Alicia, by Martin Azambuja

Unique Packaging Designs

27. CopperMuse Distillery Spiced Rum, by Emrich Office

Unique Packaging Desigs

28. The Pawn, by Webshoker

Unique packaging designs

29. Highlighter, by Pavement

Unique product packaging

30. Green House, by Isabel de Peque

Packaging Desgin Ideas

31. Monsillage – Candles packaging, by Haus Studio 

Packaging Desgin Ideas

31. KIKKOMAN Soy Sauce Packaging, by Can Yang 

Packaging Desgin Ideas

32. Circus Pop, by Mariana Costa

Design Packaging

33. Q/Snack, by Gu Sobral

Unique Design

34. NICHE Tea, by IWANT design

Unique Packaging Design Ideas

35. Floe mints, by Shaivalini Kumar and Supernove Design

Cool Packaging

36. CS Light Bulbs, by Angelina Pischikova and Rodion Kovenkin

Unique Packaging

37. Freshly Baked, by Design Happy

Cool Packaging Ideas

Wanna see more unique packaging designs? Keep scrolling, you’re not even half way through the article!

38. Krasnogorie, by Nimax Brands, Maria Aijmio, and Pavel Konyukov

Unique Packaging Ideas

39. Wai Water, by Diana Gomez 

Cool Packaging Design

40. Ozmetics Redesign, Sara Ozvaldic

Cool Design

41. Mrs. Wormwood, by Chad Michael Studio

Unique Design for Products

42. AIR WICK | LIFE SCENTS, by VanBerlo Design

Cool Packaging Designs

43. Fazer Pastries, by Piekte Visser and Kuudes Helsinki & Stockholm

Beautiful Packaging Designs

44. Olico Olive Oil, by Aspa Chroneou and Yiannis Kostavaras

Unique Packaging Design

45. Mixville | Sweets, by Pavla Chuykina, Galima Akhmetzyanova, and BimBom

Unique Packaging Desings

46. L’apothicaire de Aureum, by Mei Tan

Gorgeous Cream packaging

47. Cheddar Cheese Melt – Mcdonald’s Packaging, by Mostafa Abdelmawla 

Packaging Idea

48. HALAU, by Daniel Galarza

Colorful Packaging Ideas

49. Chips & Salsa, by Farm Design

Salsa Unique Packaging

50. Tribal Coffee, by Olena Fedorova

Coffee Packaging Design

51. Rose, by Farm Design

Wine Unique Packaging Design

52. Muse + Metta, by Kati Forner 

Unique Packaging Design


53. A recipe for wellness, by Han GaoCandy Packaging Design

54. Käfer: Coffee + Roaster, by Jordan Richards

Coffee Unique Packaging Design

55. Instinct Bites, by Friends Studio

Food Packaging Design

56. Meltz Chocolates, by Foxtrot Studio and Adrian Chyntry

Chocolate Packaging Designs

57. Janus Gin, by LINEA – The Spirit Valley Designers

Gin Packaging Design

58. FLOAT, by min .

Soap Packaging Design

59. Sofisticada – Visual Identity, by Robinsson Cravents

Cosmetics packaging designs

60. Utopick Chocolates, by Lavernia & Cienfuegos

Chocolate Packaging Designs

61. Milkö, by Giovani Flores

Milk Packaging Design

62. BEEloved honey, by Tamara Mihajlovic and Njegos Lakic Tajsik

Honey Packaging Design

63. Vrai Vodka Cocktails, by Nicole LaFave

Vodka Packaging Design Ideas

64. ULTA Organics, by Yozei Wu

Cosmetics Packaging Design

65. Pickles Mme.Chose, by Marie-France Falardeau

Pickles Packaging Design

66. Color me Blind, by Alexandra Burling

Food Packaging Design

67. NYC Spaghetti, by Alex Creamer

Pasta Packaging Design

68. Poilu, by Simon Laliberte

Brush Packaging Design

69. Halo Brewery, by Undreline Studio

Beer PAckaging Design

70. Cereal bar – Vita Tines, by Hiu Fu Li

Cereal Bar Packaging Design

71. Brekki Overnight Oats, by Cody Small

Cereal Packaging Design

72. BICE Spices & Herbs, by Can Yang

Spices Packaging Design

73. 100rawfun, by Artak Aghlamazyan

box design

74. ORIGAMI, by My Name is Wendy

Cosmetics Packaging Design

75. Elementary! Delivery service, by Dmitry Neal

Delivery Packaging

76. Pasta packing, by Nikita Konkin

Pasta Packaging Design

If you made it this far in our article and you enjoyed our list of unique packaging designs, let us know which one is your favorite and why in the comment section below.

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