Light and Color in Photography

Carissa Gallo: People, Light and Color in Photography

Carissa Gallo is an American photographer whose works are focused on the human body and its interaction with the surrounding, using light and color in photography. If you’ve been looking for minimalist inspiration, look no further! Soft shades of green, beige and brown prevail in her photos, while the queen color is the never-failing white. In order to keep her creativity alive, she travels a lot, her eyes capturing colors and shapes.

Artistically-inclined yet incredibly humble, Carissa confesses that she has “always been doing art in some capacity, and somewhere in my teen years I found a camera and started taking pictures”. Needless to say, her artwork is versatile, yet cohesive. She is currently living in Portland with her husband and work partner, Andrew Gallo, raising up their two children.

Also an avid reader, Carissa discusses how narratives and story lines influence her photography in an interview for Girls at Library:

“I’m also a director and it translates more obviously to film. In photography, I think you can tell a story just by that one shot. I believe that phrase “A picture is worth a thousand words” is true. So I’m always trying to tell a story through whatever photo I’m taking. Even if it’s an inaccurate view, it’s my view. When you’re not watching a movie or looking up someone else’s interpretation, it forces you to think up the images yourself. I think that’s so important for my creative path. I feel a direct correlation between what I’m reading and what I’m producing creatively.”

She has been collaborating with popular brands such as Adidas, Nike, Uniqlo, Intel, Lincoln Motor Co, Starbucks, Vogue, Allure, Teen Vogue, Nylon, Wonderland, Violet, Mr. Porter, Flaunt, and others. To learn more about Carissa Gallo photography, check out her official website.

Check out some of her pieces of art and see how she uses light and color in photography!

Paintbox Nails

I grew up in sunshine land

Travelogue S America


Iceland Travelogue

Clara and Lina

Pansy – organic cotton underwear


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