Free Apple Vector Icon Sets

11+ Essential Apple Device, UI and UX Vector Icon Sets

We’ve listed 11+ essential flat and minimal apple device, UI and UX vector icon sets – all completely free and available to download in just a few clicks.

These Apple vector icon sets include the companies devices and interfaces rendered in a contemporary, minimalist style that’s well-suited to flat design web and print projects. Each high quality sets includes iPhones, Macbooks, Apple watches available to download in SVG, EPS or Illustrator format.

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Apple products Icons

46 awesomely minimal Apple product line Icons created by Yaroslav Samoilov.

Free Apple Product Vector Icons

Vector Flat iDevice Icons

‘This is a set of 4 Vector Flat Devices (desktop, laptop, tablet and phone). Each device comes with a GIF animation.’

Free Vector Flat iDevice Icons

Minimal Apple Device Icons

‘Included Devices: Apple Display, iMac, Macbook Pro, iPad Retina, iPad Mini, iPhone 5s. All devices are true to size and based off of Apple’s specs provided on their site. They are all layered and named as well. I needed layered icons for animating in After Effects and couldn’t find any, so I just decided to make my own.’

Free Minimal Apple Device Icons

Apple Interface Icons

A really handy set of 11 icons that cast Apple interfaces in a smart, versatile, minimalist style.

Free Apple Interface Vector Icons

Free iOS UX SET (Wireframes & Icons)

‘Free UX set – Apple products – iPad Pro, iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. Additional icons attached.’

Free iOS UX SET (Wireframes & Vector Icons)

12 Flat Apple Product Icons

12 Free Flat Apple Product Vector Icons

Apple iPhone Vector Icons

Free Apple iPhone Vector Icons

Apple Icon Set

’10 vector icons available for free download. Comes in two sizes, with added detail to the larger size. Included in the download: two sizes of PNGs, SVGs, Sketch file and Illustrator file.’

Free Apple Icon Set

Apple Watch Icons

A huge collection of 50+ Apple Watch icons with alternating clock and home screen faces.

Free Apple Watch Flat Vector Icons


Apple Pay Vector Icons

‘Somehow prior to me starting this exercise, there weren’t yet Apple Pay icons on The Noun Project. I felt a moral responsibility to change that.’

Free Apple Pay Vector Icons

Flat Apple Vectors

‘8 apple devices icons for free personal use, contact me for commercial use or include link to work. In attachment you can find 8 files in SVG format, if you need i can send you PNG or JPG.’

Free Flat Apple Vectors

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