Free Fashion Vector Icon Sets

The Best 8+ Free Fashion Vector Icon Sets

We’ve catalogued the best free fashion vector icon sets on the web, perfect for style concious, on-trend web and print projects.

The free menswear and womenswear icon sets that we’ve listed, cast clothing, shoes and accessories in a variety of versatile, smart graphic design styles. Vans slip-ons, briefcases, sunglasses and dresses are made minimal through flat design techniques that make the fully editable Adobe Illustrator files a great addition and source of inspiration when putting together fashion-based flyers, posters and websites.

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Vans – Free Illustration Kit

‘A personal illustration project about Vans. The aim was to design classic Vans shoes, clothing & accessories and present them in an iconic Vans shop. Enjoy the tour and feel free to download our illustration kit!’

Vans - Free Vector Icon Set

Clothing Icons

‘I have been working on some clothing icons today. Unfortunately, I am extremely under the weather, so please excuse/point out any mistake. Hope you find these useful at some point.’

Clothing Vector Icon Set

Fashion Icon Set

‘Fashion Icon Set, Designed for You are free to use for personal or commercial purposes, to share or to modify it.’

Fashion Vector Icon Set

Casual Wear Icons

‘A collection of 23 casual wear vector icons.’

Casual Wear Vector Icon Set

Sneaker Icons

‘I’m a fan of sneakers. So, drew some of them. If you need any, feel free to download the file.’

Sneaker Vector Icon Set

Free 24 Clothes Icons

’24 clothes icons for free. Ready in .ai file, super easy importing to photoshop as vector shape.’
24 Free Clothing Vector Icons

Free Shoes Lifestyle Icon Set

‘A brand new Set of Shoes/Lifestyle Icons available for free in psd/ai and png format. All icons come in outline sepia and colored mode. Feel free to download and share.’

Free Vector Shoe Icons

Fashion and Boutique Line Icons

‘FREE icon set related to fashion and boutique. all 24 icons in one, consists of 12 women fashion icons and 12 men fashion icons.’

Free Fashion and Boutique Vector Icons

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