FREE Vinyl Record Mock-Ups

The 5+ Best FREE Vinyl Record PSD Mock-Ups

We scoured the web for free vinyl record PSD mock-ups and found these 5 – available to download in just a couple of clicks, for absolutely nothing.

These mockups are fully customizable in Photoshop, making it super easy for you to add your own covers and label by simply editing the smart layer or dropping a JPG into the specified layer. They come as .PSD files which means you can customize the background colours, add or remove shadows and resize for the perfect cover art presentation.

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Free Vintage Vinyl Record Pile Mockup

Created in-house at Hipsthetic HQ, this mockup features three stacked vinyl records – each is selectable and easy to edit. You can adjust the background color and turn the vintage texture on or off.

Feel free to use this mockup in personal or commercial projects.

Free Old Vinyl Record Pile Mockup

Vinyl Record PSD MockUp

Utilize this Vinyl Record PSD mock-up to effortlessly showcase your album artwork. With smart layers, you can easily edit both the cover and record labels independently. The mock-up offers flexibility, allowing you to personalize the background color to suit your presentation needs. Perfect for a seamless and customizable display of your creative work.

Free Vinyl Record PSD Mockup

Psd Vinyl Cover Record Mock-Up

Elegantly present your music branding design with this sophisticated PSD Vinyl Record mock-up, complete with its cover and sleeve. Perfect for showcasing your artistic vision, this mock-up allows easy customization of all details through smart layers, ensuring a seamless and polished presentation for your next project.

Free Psd Vinyl Cover Record Mock-Up

Record Sleeve Mockup

‘Free PSD download. Record sleeve mockup.’

Free PSD Record Sleeve Mockup

Vinyl Cover Template

‘This a free for use PSD template of a vinyl cover. You can use it for anything, just enjoy.’

Free PSD Vinyl Cover Template


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