Velocipedia By Gianluca Gimini

Lifelike Mock-Ups Made From Flawed Bicycle Drawings

How do you draw a bicycle? These stunning, realistic mock-ups made from weird and wonderful guesses, tell us that it doesn’t really matter.

Back in 2009, Italian graphic designer Gianluca Gimini began asking friends and random strangers to draw a bicycle. He quickly found that when confronted with this odd but seemingly simple request, most people were pretty stumped. ‘Some did get close, some actually nailed it perfectly, but most ended up drawing something that was pretty far off from a regular men’s bicycle’ he says.

Gimini collected hundreds of mechanically error-strewn drawings and In early 2016 selected the ‘most interesting, genuine and diverse’ to render as if they were real. The resulting project, entitled ‘Velocipedia’,  extrudes ‘the potential and beauty’ of the sketches – proving that ‘everyone, regardless his age and job, can come up with extraordinary, wild, new and at times brilliant inventions’.

Read more about the project here.

Velocipedia - Bike With No Pedals

Velocipedia - Bike With Thick Tyres By Gianluca GiminiVelocipedia - Racing Bike By Gianluca GiminiVelocipedia - Minimal Bicycle By Gianluca GiminiVelocipedia - Long Bike By Gianluca Gimini

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