Fever Ray music for Vahak

Karin Dreijer aka Fever Ray Previews New Music

Karin Dreijer aka Fever Ray has written and produced music for a new performance piece premièring in April.

The show named Vahák plays on themes of colonial and homophobic violence. And in a facebook post on the official Fever Ray page from earlier today, Karin alerted fans to ‘Four shows of the performance Vahák in Stockholm in April where Karin has written and produced the music.’

The digital component of the piece consists of an interactive map, which lets users navigate through various markers and watch a series of short videos. Playing in the background of the site is a looping Fever Ray-like Electronic piece, which you can isolate though this URL. The show premiers in April this year, with tickets available from ungaklara.

In her work for the show last year, she produced the track below.


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