Project: Materialize by Sydney Sie

How Sydney Sie Used 3D Printing To Make Abstract Art

Sydney Sie’s playfully weird series of diorama’s, filled with 3D printed printed busts, toys, squiggles and lettering.

For the collaborative ‘Project: Materialize’, Taiwanese experimental artist and photographer, Sydney Sie, was let loose with a 3D printer courtesy of manufacturers, Atom. The concept was conceived ‘to show how 3D printing can enhance self-expression for anyone’ and demonstrate that ‘artists are no longer limited to traditional craft techniques to produce intricate physical objects’.

With the help of Atom’s design team Sie created a series of three colourful and abstract diorama’s – fabricating an oddball physical, 3D landscape which she then photographed. In the images, she uses colour, light and form ‘to accelerate the viewer’s imagination into parallel universes of abstract thought’.

You can read more about the project here and follow Sydney Sie at Facebook, Tumblr and Instagram.

Materialize by Sydney Sie

3D Printed Diorama by Sydney Sie

Sydney Sie - Materialize

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