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Sam Larson’s travel, nature and adventure themed ink illustrations, drawn by hand, are astonishingly pretty and playfully cute.

Portland, Oregon-based illustrator Sam Larson lovingly depicts adventure iconography, forests, wildlife and mountains in his wonderfully detailed work.  The homemade, rustic aesthetic sensibility that he draws upon and sometimes-left of field methodology – he often uses leaves and coffee cups as canvases – perfectly mirror the rough and wild nature of the subjects and scenes he draws.

You can follow Sam and his work at steelbison.comTwitter and Instagram.

Inkon Leaf Illustration by Sam Larson

 Lil Camping Scene by Sam Larson

 Scribbly Bear Ink Illustration by Sam Larson

Double Exposure Fish Ink Illustration by Sam Larson

Protect Ink Illustration by Sam Larson

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