iPhone by Sasha Katz

GIF Artist Sasha Katz’s Playfully Pastel Tech Animations

Digital artist Sasha Katz distills the complexities of an information age existence into minimalist, 8-bit inspired, pink and and blue animated GIF’s.

Moscow-based Sasha Katz is a graduate of the British Higher School of Art & Design and former editorial designer for Afisha Mir magazine currently working as a self employed freelance illustrator and GIF artist – with an impressive client list that includes Tumblr, Converse, Giphy and Electric Objects.

Her blocky aesthetic reflects a video game influenced sensibility that she channels through 3D modelling application, Cinema 4D. Taking aim at the complexities of our shared digital culture, Katz synthesizes intentionally pixelated ‘objects of mass culture’, rendering them  in pastel environments where, cyclically, they interact, twist, flap and wave.

You can follow Sasha’s work at GiphyFacebook or her own Website turned Tumblr.

Roses by Sasha KatzMiddle Finger by Sasha KatzPlastic Bag by Sasha KatziPhone by Sasha KatzHello Kitty by Sasha KatzSwimming Pool by Sasha KatzKeyboard by Sasha Katz


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