The Best Free Christmas Patterns to Download

Christmas is just around the corner! In every culture, people are giving gifts, decorating their houses, offices, and everywhere you look, it looks like Christmas: snowmen, presents, Christmas trees, lights, and bells! One of our favorite designs during this season is Christmas patterns! We absolutely love them, because of their versatility and creativity. We have collected our favorite free Christmas patterns you can use for the holiday season. You can use these patterns as desktop wallpaper, background for website or postcards, flyers, invitations, posters, or even use them out as your unique Christmas wrappers! These are simply perfect for any other Christmas projects you are working on. What are you waiting for? Check out our favorite FREE Christmas patterns below!

1. Free Christmas Patterns and Wrapping Paper

This free Christmas pattern is perfect to use as wrapping paper! We love how this design utilizes reds, whites, and different shades of blue that are incorporated into these holiday icons. Download this pattern! This will surely look great on your gifts this Christmas! Click here to download.

xmas seamless set

2. Santa Hats Free Christmas Patterns

This free Christmas pattern features different styles of Santa hats! The pattern uses a hand-drawn style on its icons, making it look very seamless and clean. This is simply perfect for those who love the minimal style, yet still want that Christmas flair. Click here to download!

santa hats pattern

3. Scandinavian Christmas Pattern

This is the perfect Christmas pattern design that represents a Scandinavian Christmas! This will surely be a great addition to your Holiday projects this year especially if you’re leaning toward the Scandi vibe. Click here to download.

scandi xmas vector

4. Christmas Patterns for Wrappers

These four Christmas Patterns are perfect to use on your gift wrappers. These patterns will surely help your gifts and your tree look swanky this season! Click here to download.

collection of bright christmas patterns

5. Red, White, and Beige Christmas Patterns for Free

Here’s another set of Christmas patterns that you can use on your Christmas presents, especially if you’re going for a red, white, and beige theme! Download these patterns here.

christmas patterns in red beige and white

6. Green, Red, and White Free Christmas Pattern

If you like to stick to the traditional Christmas colors, and Christmas elements, this pattern is for you. It’s straightforward and uses classic Christmas icons. Download this pattern here!

chrismas pattern background desgin

7. Gold and Black Free Christmas Pattern

If you’re all for the golden, sparkly Christmas, then you’d like this pattern. This pattern utilizes the gold sparkly texture onto a black and white background to create a golden aesthetic. Try out and download this pattern here.

collection of black and golden christmas patterns

8. Blue Snowflake Christmas Free Pattern

This blue snowflake pattern is simply refreshing to see! We love how it uses a light shade of blue, that creates a nice calming aesthetic. This free Christmas pattern will surely look great on your presents! Download this pattern here.

snow flakes pattern desgin background

9. Christmas Tree and Envelopes Free Pattern

In some countries, receiving a red envelope during Christmas is something special! We love how this pattern incorporates a red envelope in its design. Check it out here!

10. Green Hand Drawn Christmas Patterns

These Hand Drawn Christmas patterns use different shades of green with some holiday elements and colors. You can surely try this out for your holiday projects. Download here!

nice christmas patterns set

11. Christmas Tree Free Christmas Patterns

Every Christmas tree looks different, and we love how this Christmas pattern embodies that! This Free Christmas Tree Pattern puts together different Christmas tree styles, utilizing different colors as well. This is surely a refreshing take on the usual Christmas tree patterns out there! Download this pattern here.

12. Colored Snowflake Christmas Patterns

We love how this Christmas pattern uses different styles of snowflakes in soft colors. This will surely be a great pattern to use on your gift wrappers this holiday season. Click here to download.

christmas patterns in soft colours

13. Mistletoe Christmas Pattern

Use this pattern as your gift wrap to your loved one and he/she will surely feel the love! Download This cute mistletoe pattern here!

14. Red and Beige Christmas Pattern

Here’s a cute simple red and beige Christmas pattern, that showcases different traditional Christmas elements. This is simple, yet elegant! Download this pattern here!

christmas pattern background red

15. Black and White Christmas Balls Christmas Pattern

If you want something minimal, yet still Christmassy, this pattern is for you! If you’re feeling creative you can even color these on your own! Download this pattern here.

16. Hand Drawn Christmas Elements Pattern

Here’s another cute minimal, Hand drawn Christmas pattern. What we like about it is the icons are drawn in red ink which really adds to the Christmas cheer! Click here to download.

merry christmas patterned background

17. Watercolor Christmas Pattern

This unique Christmas pattern for free has a hand-drawn watercolor style, that’s really subtle yet still brings the Christmas vibe. Try this out here!

watercolor christmas patterns with natural elements

18. Snowman Christmas Pattern

This free Snowman Christmas pattern will surely be great for whimsical and fun holiday designs. You can download this pattern for free, here!

19. Gingerbread Christmas Pattern Free

This free Gingerbread Christmas pattern is perfect for all gingerbread lovers out there! We love this pattern’s overall whimsical cartoon aesthetic, which still fits into the Christmas holiday. Click here to download!

20. Hand Drawn Christmas Patterns in Red, White and Black

These hand-drawn Christmas patterns only use the colors, red, white, and black creating a unique and festive aesthetic. Download this pattern here.

hand drawn christmas patterns in red and black

21. Pinecones Christmas Pattern

Here’s a unique Christmas pattern using pinecones! We love how it’s simple yet, still has that Christmas aesthetic! Click here to download.

christmas pattern background

22. Green and White Christmas Patterns

Here are eight different green and white Christmas patterns that you can use on your holiday projects in different ways. Click here to download!

beautiful christmas decorative patterns

23. Gifts Christmas Patterns

Something simple, and straightforward but still perfect for Christmas. This gift pattern can be a great gift wrapper to add some flare to your Christmas presents this year. Click here to download.

christmas presents pattern

24. Christmas Cross stitch Patterns

Here are eight super cute cross-stitch patterns that can totally elevate your Christmas designs this year. Download these patterns now!

eight patterns for winter made with pixels

25. Christmas Doodles Patterns

We love these minimal Christmas doodle patterns that you can use for your minimal aesthetic designs. Click here to download!

26. Pine trees Christmas pattern

Pinetrees surely give that Christmas vibe especially its nice aroma. This nicely hand drawn pine trees pattern will surely look very chic as your Christmas wrappers this year. Download this pattern here.

pine trees pattern

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