Top low poly aesthetic polygon fonts hipsthetic

Top Polygon Fonts You Need to add to your Font Library

We’ve cataloged another list of fonts to add to your growing font library. This time, our list is dedicated to polygon and low-poly fonts that you might be able to use on your contemporary, retro-inspired digital art projects. Of course, these fonts are all free for personal use, and easily downloadable with just a click. […]

Spray Paint Drip font Hipsthetic

The Best Spray Paint Drip Fonts

We love how the drip effect on some Spray paint fonts has this pop of character and texture, so we cataloged a font list with our top favorite spray paint drip fonts that are great to use on your edgy, textured modern designs. This font list is all free for personal use and is easily

Clean Serif Fonts for Your Next Project

Oftentimes, clean fonts are associated with Sans Serif fonts, and we thought that there’s actually a ton of clean fonts that are not sans serif fonts. Thus, we decided to come up with this list specifically featuring Clean Serif Fonts to open up a plethora of different clean font choices that. you can use for

10+ Free Cool Cursive Fonts You Need to Use in Your Next Project

There’s just something about cursive fonts that gives that classic, warm, and elegant vibe that we all love. But sometimes cursive fonts can also pass as something cool and badass! We searched for the coolest cursive fonts out there and created this list that showcases different cursive font styles so you can add these up-to-date

15 Thin Clean Fonts Hipsthetic

15 Thin Clean Fonts You Need to Know About

There’s just something about Thin Clean fonts that elevate and complete any minimalistic design, which is why we created this collection of the best 15 thin clean fonts that you can add to your font library. These fonts are all simple, minimal, and aesthetically pleasing, great for any clean minimal yet chic design. We went

how to find fonts hipsthetic

How to Find Fonts for Photoshop, Cricut, and Images

Are you into using different fonts? Have you ever been in a situation wherein you have this certain font design in your mind, but you just don’t know where to find the font or how you can identify the font? Well, we are here to help! There are a lot of fonts out there, and

A list of the best image to font finders hipsthetic

A List of the Best Image to Font Finders

Have you ever been in a moment where you see this really great image, and you want to know what font that image used, but you don’t really know how to find out simply because you don’t have much knowledge about fonts? Well, now there’s a solution to that problem! You can now use this

How to Add Fonts on Word

Have you grown tired of using the default fonts in your Microsoft Word? If yes, well, you’re in the right place! Let’s not discredit the fact that Microsoft Word already houses some good font choices, but we also know that sometimes you just want to use a font that speaks your style more. We totally

Cool Fonts on Word

Many associate Microsoft Word as a more serious software only to be used for business and formal documents that house only professional fonts. That’s actually quite the opposite, as the software is quite versatile and can definitely be used for more than just formal or business documents. Microsoft word also houses a ton of different

Professional Looking Fonts on Word, Canva, & Google Docs

Some may not see the critical role of fonts in a professional or business document, but it is actually quite important. When you think about it if someone hands you a contract that’s typed in a comic sans font, would you take that contract seriously? Or if it was using some vintage art deco font