Clean Serif Fonts for Your Next Project

Oftentimes, clean fonts are associated with Sans Serif fonts, and we thought that there’s actually a ton of clean fonts that are not sans serif fonts. Thus, we decided to come up with this list specifically featuring Clean Serif Fonts to open up a plethora of different clean font choices that. you can use for your projects and designs. The best part our list of fonts is all easily accessible and free for personal use. Check them out below!

Italian Clean Serif Font

What we love about this Clean Serif Font is how it exhibits a modern take on a typewriter font. It features long thin structured glyphs on its characters that can work great in both small and large sizes. The Italian Clean Serif Font will surely be a great font to use for more branding and packaging texts to add that extra touch of style. Download the Italian Font here.

Prida01 Light Clean Serif Font

This Clean Serif Font hits that spot for something unique yet staying minimal and clean. The added sharpness to its serif gives that striking look that can surely work well within modern and adventurous designs. Try out the Prida01 Font here.

French Demo Minimal Serif Font

If you’re looking for something narrow, clean with a twist, then try The French Demo Minimal Serif font! This font gives that mixture of playfulness while keeping its clean, minimal aesthetic. Try out this font here.

Josefin Slab Thin Serif Font

The Josefin Slab Thin Serif Font presents you with a contemporary slab serif font. With its design inspired from Scandinavian style, this font’s minimal and composed look will work perfect on your clean modern designs. Click here to try this font out.

Authoria Demo Clean Font

What we love about the Authoria Demo Clean Font is how it incorporates geometric accents. The font has that stylish yet minimal vibe that would perfectly work on more clean and polished designs. Click here to check this font out.

Panforte Serif Minimal Font

The Panforte Serif font has that handwriting serif font look that permits that warm and cozy vibe but maintaining that clean, minimal look. Try this font out here.

Cammron Serif Clean Font

If you’re looking for something striking and clean, this font is for you! We love the accents on the Cammron Serif Font from the play on weights, sharp edges, and widely spaced glyphs, this font will surely be great to use on headlines and headings to give that distinct impression. Downlad the Cammron font here.

Poor Weekdays Serif Minimal Font

This is another clean serif font that showcases that warm handwriting font vibe with a mix of a slab serif look. The Poor Weekdays Serif font is truly a fun font to try out for more projects and designs with a personal touch. Try out this font here.

Inria Serif Light Clean Font

Looking for a minimal, yet professional serif font? Then this one is for you! The Inria Serif Light font gives both that clean minimal vibe with a formal touch. This font can surely work well as a business font to use on more formal designs. To download this font, click here.

Aguero Serif Minimal Font

What we love about the Aguero Serif font is how it gives such a prominent look yet gives that minimal clean vibe. Having a play on weights on the glyphs and narrow spaces, the Aguero Font is a great font to use as an accent font on any design or project. Click here to download this font now.

Clean Serif Fonts

We hope you like our list of Clean Serif Fonts to add in your font library. If you’re interested to discover more clean fonts check out our posts on the Best Clean Fonts, and Thin Clean Fonts.

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