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Desert Night Wallpapers by Maria Shanina

Free Multi-Device Desert Dusk Wallpapers

A playfully minimal, flat design-inspired multi-device wallpaper series, created for desktops, smartphones, and smartwatches. UI/UX Designer and founder of Plain white development studio, Maria Shanina has made a series of gorgeous, digitally rendered wallpapers available for free via her Behance profile. They depict the soft glow of pre and post-desert dusk in a captivating flat design-like style. You can grab […]

14 Gorgeous Free and Paid Marble Patterns You Need

Today we are talking about free and paid marble patterns that will make your projects look super neat and elegant. We searched the web and chose the best quality marble patterns out there. Marble – the resemblance of a far-off nebula million of light years away, has always been used for sculptures and as a

8 Logos That Use Negative Space to Make a Lasting Impression

As many of you know, designing a logo is no easy feat. It requires a delicate balance of being aesthetically pleasing while effectively representing a brand. When done correctly, a logo will establish a brand’s personality with a memorable image. We have seen some cringe-worthy logos that have made some of us at the studio

Independence Day Design Graphic Resources

Independence Day is a time for celebration, and what better way to celebrate than with some festive graphics? If you’re looking for free Independence Day vectors, you’re in luck cause we collated our favorite places for some awesome vectors. Freepik Freepik is an exceptional resource offering a wide range of free graphics, particularly when it

70 Creative & Beautiful resumes cover

70 Creative & Beautiful Resume Examples to Get Inspired

It’s not that easy to hunt a job these days, and unfortunately, resumes in MS Word are not working anymore. A hiring manager spends a few seconds looking at your CV, and you need to make it stand out from the crowd. Create an eye-catching, creative, impressive resume, and your chances to get a job

menu template

Unique Menu Templates That Will Leave you Hungry for More

A creative and aesthetically pleasing food menu can drastically increase a restaurant’s sales and overall popularity. A well-designed restaurant menu is memorable and will convince customers to order more food. The most popular restaurants create a specific environment that leaves them wanting more. The menu is an important element that contributes to that personality. The

web design

How to Incorporate a Pattern in Your Web Design Without Going Overboard

  Using a pattern in your web design is a great way to make your website stand out. Patterned web designs have become increasingly popular, and we are living for it. You can use original illustrations, transparent photographs, and other digital art trends when choosing a pattern for your website. Patterns are a beautiful way

20 Eye-catching Websites Using Vibrant Colors

The web design seems to be in a continuous change and having eye-catching websites might be a challenge for both its owner and the designer. Hard work pays off, they say, even when it comes to web design. Everybody knows that a designer has to make painstaking efforts to get a job well done. Of course,

premium web resources.

4 Amazing Premium Web Design Resources For You

Launching a startup is super easy these days but growing it and even more, having it for a couple of years is hard. Most company owners are doing everything by themselves and the need for several web tools and services is crucial. After some good time spend for research, we are now ready to share

“A Taste of New York” is the Undisputed Time-Lapse Champ

The 2.6 TB mass of 65, 000 images that make up “A Taste of New York”  took 36 hours to render, which on viewing, is processing power put to best use.  FilmSpektakel‘s third entry into their “A Taste of …” series is perhaps their strongest – no mean feat considering the side-winding, dolly zooming loveliness of their time-lapse