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70 Creative & Beautiful Resume Examples to Get Inspired

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It’s not that easy to hunt a job these days, and unfortunately, resumes in MS Word are not working anymore. A hiring manager spends a few seconds looking at your CV, and you need to make it stand out from the crowd.

Create an eye-catching, creative, impressive resume, and your chances to get a job will dramatically increase.

In this collection, we have handpicked 70 beautiful, fantastic, creative resume designs that you can use to get inspired. Here you are going to find resume examples for a designer, developer, manager, photographer, art director, and many others.


Here is a stunning yellow and white resume of a designer with a portfolio. It features lots of portfolio samples.


2. Personal Resume & Promotion

This is another designer CV created by Tibor van den Brink with a timeline.


3. CV Portfolio Mailer

“Everyone loves interesting post days. So, to break the mold, I reinvented the typical traditional CV and portfolio that beats simply attaching a copy to the end of an email”


4. Designer new resume

Black and white resume of a graphic designer that uses Helvetica font.


5. Self-Portfolio: Ordinary Man. Life.

A minimalist graphic designer resume and portfolio with colorful yellow elements.


6. Pauline Kaye: Personal Identity

Here is a branding identity of marketer and multimedia artist designed by Pauline Kaye.


7. Rachel Alvarenga / Self branding

This colorful resume features pink, red, and purple colors with all relevant sections, such as work experience, education, and skills.


8. Portfolio UI

This designer decided to go even further and created a resume website with a clean, modern layout.


9. CV 2018

An amazing infographics CV with two columns. The left one is blue with lots of design elements.


10. Resume ’17 by Thom Nguyen

Thom Nguyen designed this resume. It is a perfect example when monochrome CV can stand out from the crowd.


11. Minimal-resume-freebie

This is a free resume template with a modern, clean design for self-taught people.


12. Self Promotion Mailer

Creative resume folder with a portfolio that features a palm of a hand with name and contact info.


13. Free Green Background Resume Template

Green resume of a designer and developer created in minimalist, modern style.


14. Curriculum Vitae / Resume


A creative resume by Ashley Spencer that says: “You are thinking… just another Graphic Design graduate, but please take 5 minutes and find out why I’m not just another Graphic Design graduate.”


15. Resume

This is an infographic resume of an art director with a beautiful, pastel color style.


16. Designer Skills

«Here we go with another yellow shot from about section. It is a bunch of skills divided into two categories: theory and practice. Each percentage indicator will appear on hover so that it will be focused, and a user won’t be overload with extra numbers”


17. My Resume

A pink resume with purple text designed by Helena Olson.


18. My Resume: Gabriel Ghnassia

Stylish modern resume by Gabriel Ghnassia with a beautiful diagram that shows skills.



Great creative resume with a detachable top that works as a business card.


20. Infographic Resume

“A semester-end assignment to create an infographics resume. I decided to go minimal and uses a pencil as an indication of a graphic designer.”


21. Self Promotion: Résumé & Job Application

This is a fantastic dossier “file” resume of a graphic designer.


22. My CV / resume

A resume inspired by a newspaper grid system. Icons and graphics assist it for better reading.


23. Updated Resume

Eye-catching resume with a photography left side and minimalist text.


24. Brutalist / Minimalist CV

A clean, minimalist CV designed by Romain Sourdiaux with serif fonts.


25. Resume & Cover Letter Design

Resume and a covering letter with two columns. One of them can be designed in different colors, depending on your goals.


26. Self-Promotion: Syril Bobadilla

A colorful resume that looks like a school drawing with all required sections like education, skills, and experience.


27. Resume Template For Word And Pages “Ella Walker”

Resume template for Word and Apple pages with clean, modern style.


28. Self-Promotion ’12

“ The present project was developed as a self-promotion piece and also as an admission project for the Master of Communication Design and New Media Course at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon.»


29. Word Resume & Cover Letter

An elegant resume with pink elements and clean typography that will be the best solution for girls.


30. My 2018 Resume

This is the resume of an experience designer with eye-catching purple elements.


31. Personal Stationery

Stylish resume with creative skills section by Alysa Choudri.


32. Clean & Simple~Resume-Cv Tmp Vol.01

Another resume template with blue design and a headshot on the left top corner.


33. My Resume

A timeline of work experience is a great concept that can be used by many professions.


34. DM – Personal Promo + Identity

This is the resume of a graphic designer Daniela Milier with lovely hearts on the top.


35. Word Resume & Cover Letter Template

Modern, elegant resume for a marketing manager with thin fonts and a big name on the header.


36. Personal Branding & Creative CV

Personal identity and resume of Nico Lopez with amazing loading bars that present skills.


37. SARA // CV

“ From the beginning, the development of CV was raised under a critical standpoint, because working life is in constant development, full of experiences, stages, cycles, etc. Reference was made to the plant world and finally finished using the tree as a visual metaphor and theme of the piece.”


38. Self Promotion – ID

Visual communication for self-promotion, including logo, infographics CV, name card, stationery, and posters.


39. Resume: Paiheme Studio

A stunning red CV designed by Paiheme studio with anime style.


40. Alessia Tatulli | Personal Branding & Self-Promotion CV

Alessia Tatulli creates this graphic designer resume that expresses her personality.


41. Personal Branding & Self Promo

An infographics resume with huge, eye-catching typography.


42. Personal Identity | Self branding 2016 1.0

A simple, elegant pink resume for a girl with a traditional layout.


43. Granite Stationery

Here is a modern resume template that you can download and customize to design your CV.


44. Personal Branding – Allyssa Ellis

A fantastic, stunning resume with color splashes that draw attention.


45. My Resume / CV

CV designed by Eva Hageman with a portrait and big, beautiful name written with calligraphy font on the top.


46. New Resume Design

“Sharing my resume with you. Minimal and flat design with my mascot character.”


47. Resume Design by Fernanda Delgado

Traditional, stylish resume with a yellow circle and a name on the header.


48. Curriculum Vitae / Resume

Another Curriculum Vitae that looks like infographics. It helps to understand and remember information.


49. Clean Resume Template | Simple CV

This is a two-pages resume template that you can use for your own job hunting.


50. Resume Design

“From my years looking at resumes from designers, most are templates. They usually contain too much information. I’ve taken seminars on this topic. It boils down to – Keep it simple.”


51. Creative Self Branding

An infographics resume with orange elements and a beautiful blue folder. These two colors create an ideal combination together.


52. Curriculum Vitae

Anton Yermolov built a great resume with an illustration of himself and clean separated sections.


53. SELF-PROMOTION | Branding

Designer and illustrator Laura Méndez a drawing of herself and an excellent pink timeline.


54. My Resume 2017

This CV with purple elements, a nice headshot in a circle and interests icons will drive the attention of any recruiter.


55. Resume

Website designer Jérémie Chiavelli from Saint Denis decided to make an abstract illustration of himself with color splashes in the middle of a resume.


56. My CV/Resume

A beautiful, funny illustrated resume of a UI designer Wap Martinez-Mercader.


57. 4 Page Resume Template

Here is 4-pages resume in a newspaper style that you can download and use.


58. “Eye”dentity Pop-up Folder

Here is an interactive resume by Matt Stucky with an eye and complicated concept. I have not seen anything similar before. When you open a folder, a branding identity kit shows up.


59. Personal resume

Brochure resume designed by Maria Gabriella Aronne.


60. Portfolio ’11_newspaper

This is a portfolio and resume newspaper with a timeline and a pie chat with skills.


61. Clean Resume

Here is free clean resume template for job seeker in PSD file format. This free resume template will make you stand out from the crowd.


62. Blue Helena Resume

This is a stunning, modern two-pages resume with a timeline and nice illustration.


63. Resume / CV Robert

If you are looking for an elegant, minimalist resume idea that suits serious professions, take a closer look at this design.



A hand-drawn resume that looks like a kids treasure map.


65. New Resume

Graphic designer CV created by Thanuja Rajesh.


66. Floral CV / Resume Template / N

An elegant girlish resume with a floral frame that will be the best option for women.


67. Anatomy of a graphic designer

A creative resume that shows the anatomy of a graphic designer.


68. Creative Resume Template Word Floral

Floral designer’s resume with a fantastic pattern on the left side.


69. Personal Branding – Christina Gushcheva

A modern resume that looks like a traditional CV but it features a pink cover.


70. My Resume – Personal Branding Design

An interactive infographics resume created by Matteo Innominato.


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