30 Creative Resume Designs You Certainly Need to See

Do I have to mention why creative resume designs are a big thing nowadays? Dear European readers, Europass is no longer an acceptable choice in matter of resume designs. If years ago the number of pages was tightly related to the acceptance or rejection on a job, today the bar has been indirect proportionally lifted. The goal for the applicant is to underline his/her best qualities and ability on a one-page resume. How can you do that? Let’s find out!

A resume is the first thing your potential employer see even before he sees you in person. Thus, it’s critically important to impress your audience with an exemplary Curriculum Vitae. This is your chance to either stand out by being an example of what not to do or you can stand out by having one of the best resume designs that will draw their attention to you and you will have more chances to get your dream job.

The style of your resume depends on the industry you are going to work in, your skills, and previous experience. If you are a designer or a photographer, or any other creative person, it will be easy to make your CV stand out from the crowd. Moreover, the density of words is not as important as it used to be. Words have been replaced by symbols, charts, and icons.

In this collection, we compiled 30 really creative resume designs which definitely helped their owners to get a job!
Who knows, maybe you’ll get inspired to create your own outstanding resume today!

So, scroll down to see the full list of creative resume design templates!

1. CV 2016

karina resume designs

2. Self-Portfolio: Ordinary Man. Life.

Self Portfolio Ordinary Man Life resume designs

3. My Resume – Personal Branding Design (2017)

matt resume designs

4. Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae designs

5. Personal Resume & Promotion

Personal Resume Designs Promotion

6. Premium CV/Resume PSD Template with Cover Letter

Premium CV Resume PSD Template with Cover Letter

7. Curriculum Vitae

vincenzo Curriculum Vitae designs


selfbranding cv designs

9. My new Resume/CV

my resume cv design

10. Alessia Tatulli | Personal Branding & Self-Promotion CV

Alessia Tatulli Personal Branding Self Promotion CV

11. Resume Designs 

eveline resume designs

12. Designer Skills

designer skills resume designs

13. Resume TriFold

simkolev 2014 cv dribbble resume designs

14. Resume

michael resume designs

15. Resume ’17

2017 resume dribbble a designs

16. Resume

my story resume designs

17. New Resume Design

new resume designs

18. Infographic Resume

infographic resume designs

19. Resume Template

free resume template

20. Curriculum Vitae

cv resume infographics designs

21. Resume. Cv

can resume cv mockup designs

22. Resume/CV – ‘Elliot’

resume designs elliot dribbble

23. Resume

jessica strelioff resume

24. User Personas

resume designs

25. Resume Flat Design Timeline

flat design resume timeline cv

26. Minimal Advanced Resume Template

Minimal Advanced Resume Template

27. Personal branding & resume

green resume design

28. Curriculum Vitae

red illustration resume designs

29. Resume Design

fernando resume

30. Resume 2017

resume 2017 designs
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