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9 Creative Logo Edit Projects

We catalogued nine on-point graphic design projects that take famous logos and morph them in creative, witty, interesting and satirical ways.

Using anti-capitalist humour, applied art theory and sharp digital art skills, the graphic designers and illustrators behind the logo edit projects that we’ve catalogued cleverly play with ideas of corporate norms and consumer expectations. The nine fully realised concepts take aim at universally recognisable brands and through visual bait-and-switch morph their branding.

Swapped Logos

This clever project by Italian graphic designer Fabio Di Corleto is ‘a review and a mix of social app/platform logos’ which looks at the extent to which typography, colours and form influence brand recognition.

Facebook Google Logo Edit

10 Logos Affected By Their Products

‘What if logos would be affected by their products?’ asks Marco Schembri, whose sharply satirical project twists and contorts corporate design to reflect the practices of large multinationals. Playfully witty edits highlight the, often vast, gulf between product and branding, like when Mcdonalds’ sleek ‘golden arches’ are inflated to become bloated and out of shape.

Absolut Affected Logo

‘By only showcasing some famous logo’s main colors and unique lines and shapes, you can still recognise which brand it is. I wanted to emphasize the value of creating a logo that would leave a memorable impression.’

Minimal Google Logo Edit

That’s How I See It

After succeeding in losing weight Saudi Arabian illustrator adelbanfeel was looking for a way to morph the logos for junk food restaurants to look fat, so that he ‘didn’t want to go back to them again’.
Fast Food Logo Edits

‘There have always existed disputes among competing brands, divergent opinions, while the fans of each brand were convinced that theirs was the best product.This project mostly approaches the visual “conversations” between the company logos and the ways that they influence each other.’

The Greatest Brandversations

Game of Brands

‘For what are sharp words, if not a brand’s weapons, And what is design if not a brand’s mail? Come see, and witness the rise of their banners And play the game that I’m here to unveil. This is a project made for the fun of learning new stuff. All the animations are done in Photoshop, a composition of stock footage and graphics.’

Game of Brands

Every NBA Team Logo Redesigned

Addison Foote challenged himself to redesign all 30 NBA logos in 30 days, the Utah-based digital artist explains, ‘I wanted to try coming up with a few identity concepts for some NBA teams. After I had finished the first few fairly quickly, I asked myself “What if I finished a logo for all 30 teams in just 30 days?!” I didn’t think I could do it in time, but I knew the challenge would only help me become a better designer, so i went for it. It took me all 30 days, but I did it!’

Addison Foote Denver Nuggets NBA Logo Redesign

Not Strong Mark

‘Not strong mark’ is a beautifully simple idea with hilariously absurd results. Typographic professional Oleg Tarasov switches out the carefully crafted and focus group friendly fonts chosen by the worlds biggest brands for the notoriously derided comic sans.

Coca Cola Comic Sans Logo Edit

Lego Brands

‘Each of us has a brand that has always accompanied him and without which life can not exsist. For me as a child was the Lego brand, and over the years these brands appeared more and more. That’s why I came up with the idea to present them in the style of the first beloved brand – each of them is constructed with Lego blocks. Presented are 10 logos that influenced in some way in my life.’

Retro Apple Logo Lego Edit


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