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Pis Saro creates and captures delicate, temporary and permanent tattoos for her Instagram, which fans of anything floral will love.

Wielding pretty awesome skills and an organic sensibility, ‘traveller and botanical tattoo artist’ Pis Saro, who hails from Crimea, ¬†paints and marks her subjects with the some of the prettiest illustrations your ever likely to see. The suitably Instagram-friendly settings that frame her work perfectly compliment the lush, floral¬†aesthetic which she plays on.

If you love Pis Saro’s work you can follow her over at Instagram.

Floral Watercolour Tattoo by Pis SaroBlue Floral Tattoo by Pis Saro Fern Tattoo by Pis Saro Floral Tattoo by Pis Saro Pink Floral Tattoo by Pis Saro Temporary Floral Tattoo by Pis Saro

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