Christmas Themed Vectors for Free

Christmas time also means decorations and Christmas-themed designs. That’s probably one of the reasons why people love Christmas because it’s the season when we can decorate all we want and be in full festive mode!

To help you out with your digital designs during this time of the year, we came up with a list of our favorite Christmas-themed vectors that you can use for free! Yes, free! So what are you waiting for, check out the list of our favorite Christmas-themed vectors below!

Christmas Food Sticker Vector

The one thing that we also love doing during the holidays is eating a good meal! These cute Christmas Food sticker vectors showcase some signature holiday food that we all know tastes better when eaten during Christmas! Get this vector here.

Christmas Themed Sticker Vector

Candy canes, bells, Christmas trees, and many more. These are some holiday items that we all know and love to see during Christmas. This cute sticker vector features Christmas items that you can use on your holiday designs. Click here to download.

Santa Stickers Christmas Themed Vector

We can’t have Christmas without Santa! These sticker vectors feature four different Santa Clause Vector stickers that are perfect for the holidays! Click here to download.

Christmas Labels and Tags Christmas Themed Vector

During the Holidays, there’s always some use for Christmas tags and labels, and we found the perfect vector for that! These cute red and white Christmas tag vectors are perfect to use on labels, signs, or any holiday design that calls for it. Download this vector here.

Christmas Gifts Vector

Christmas is the season of Giving! You can use this Christmas gift vector for any of your designs. This can also be a good Christmas card and is suitable for both digital and printable. Click here to download.

Black and White Elements Christmas Vectors

This black and white vector features Christmas elements such as lanterns, snowflakes, and more that you can use for your Christmas themed minimalistic designs. Click here to download.

Christmas Wreath Vector

The Christmas Wreath is an important part of Christmas and most especially significant for the preparation of Christmas. This Christmas wreath vector features six different wreath designs that you can use and match to the design style that you have. Click here to download.

Christmas Tree Vector

We love how this Christmas Tree Vector features different kinds of Christmas trees! There’s no Christmas tree that looks the same, and this vector surely made sure of that! Click here to download this vector.

Black and White Christmas Vector

This black-and-white Christmas ball vector is truly one of a kind! We love how the design of each ball showcases intricate patterns that also somewhat resemble Christmas lanterns! This vector is also great for minimalistic designs. Click here to download!

White and Gold Christmas Template Vector

This white and gold template Christmas vector is perfect for different uses! You can use it as an invitation card for a Christmas party, a menu card for your Christmas dinner, or even as a poster for a Christmas event. We love its sleek and classy look and still gives a Christmas vibe. Download this vector here.

Free Christmas Tags Vector

Looking for a cute Christmas tag vector? This one is perfect! This vector set comes with 6 different Christmas tag designs that are absolutely cute and perfect for the Holidays! This free Christmas vector is very versatile and useful and of course, something that can be of use this Christmas season! Click here to download.

Christmas Freebies

We have a Christmas present for you! Check out our FREE Digital Resources that are all Christmas-themed! Head on to our posts on FREE Christmas fontsFree Christmas Powerpoint TemplatesFree Christmas Icons, Free Christmas Patterns, and Free Christmas Card templates!

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