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Unique Menu Templates That Will Leave you Hungry for More

A creative and aesthetically pleasing food menu can drastically increase a restaurant’s sales and overall popularity. A well-designed restaurant menu is memorable and will convince customers to order more food. The most popular restaurants create a specific environment that leaves them wanting more. The menu is an important element that contributes to that personality. The […]

7 Mesmerizing Photographers To Follow on Instagram

Go on, admit it, you might have an Instagram addiction. It’s okay, so do we. Instead of scrolling through the same “influencers” and celebrities, we love to use the platform for creative inspiration. Some of our favorite photographers have graced us with their own Instagram account, and we could not be more obsessed. We love

It’s Time to Switch form Freelance Designer to Agency

Today we are going to be discussing a few tips and tools you can use to help make the transition from freelance designer to agency a little bit easier. CHANGE is that dreadful word that you don’t want to hear, nor read in your emails from your clients. “Could you change that line? Wouldn’t it

20 Eye-catching Websites Using Vibrant Colors

The web design seems to be in a continuous change and having eye-catching websites might be a challenge for both its owner and the designer. Hard work pays off, they say, even when it comes to web design. Everybody knows that a designer has to make painstaking efforts to get a job well done. Of course,

Beautiful Watercolor Painting

Introduction to Watercolor Painting with Alexandra Short

Today we are talking about watercolor painting and we are very excited to have the talented Alexandra Short with us to share her experience as a watercolor artist. Aquarelle, the French term for watercolor describes a very old method used for painting in which the pigments of the paints are suspended in a water-based solution.

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4 Amazing Premium Web Design Resources For You

Launching a startup is super easy these days but growing it and even more, having it for a couple of years is hard. Most company owners are doing everything by themselves and the need for several web tools and services is crucial. After some good time spend for research, we are now ready to share

30 Creative Resume Designs You Certainly Need to See

Do I have to mention why creative resume designs are a big thing nowadays? Dear European readers, Europass is no longer an acceptable choice in matter of resume designs. If years ago the number of pages was tightly related to the acceptance or rejection on a job, today the bar has been indirect proportionally lifted. The

Bathroom Interior Design To Love

25 Modern Bathroom Interior Designs To Love

Did you know that the modern bathroom interior designs that we have today differ from its inception a few millennia ago? Bathing was seen as a collective activity. Its main purpose was socialization. Public baths were a sign of prosperity and longevity, and thus essential in many cultures. They were called “sento” in Japan, “sauna”

35 Free & Fresh Dribbble Freebies for Designers 2018

  Not everybody knows what Dribbble is. Dribbble is a platform for designers, web designers, graphic designers, illustrators, icon artists, typographers, logo designers that enjoy to share their work, inspire each other and get hired. Dave Traver from Sticker Mule said that “Dribbble is the single most important social network for anyone that cares about design.

“A Taste of New York” is the Undisputed Time-Lapse Champ

The 2.6 TB mass of 65, 000 images that make up “A Taste of New York”  took 36 hours to render, which on viewing, is processing power put to best use.  FilmSpektakel‘s third entry into their “A Taste of …” series is perhaps their strongest – no mean feat considering the side-winding, dolly zooming loveliness of their time-lapse