60+ Best Free Minimal Tumblr Themes 2019

Freebies | Darth Vader . 25 Feb

We've searched the web and put together a list of the 60 best tweakable, sleek and modern minimal Tumblr themes for 2019. Tumblr's dashboard is a one-size-fits-all UI that catalogs the often bizarre postings of an interconnected community of media-heavy blogs, sorted by time and date. The timeline's visual palette is noticeably idiosyncratic…

40 Most Extraordinary Abandoned Places Around the World

Inspiration | Darth Vader . 23 Feb

One of the things that fascinate me the most is the phenomena which occur to a once flourished place after it has been abandoned, allowing nature to take its course. The more I investigated into these mystical and mysterious abandoned monstrosities I started feeling a comforting feeling of peace and…


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Strange House Designs You Need to See

Inspiration | Darth Vader . 21 Feb

The design of your home is an extension of you. When guests walk in, they see how you’ve arranged your living space, and can tell a lot about you. That being said, most houses have the typical template: living room, kitchen, bathroom, etc. Believe it or not, there are a…

10 Normcore Fashion Essentials For Men

Fashion | Darth Vader . 11 Feb

From blue wash jeans to Casio watches, we've catalogued the 10 essential pieces of Normcore fashion that every man should have in their wardrobe. Hipster epicentres are awash with Normcore - a fashion microtrend that has usurped the attention grabbing maximialism of haute couture and high end streetwear in favour of everyday basics. Inexpensive,…