Professional Looking Fonts on Word, Canva, & Google Docs

Some may not see the critical role of fonts in a professional or business document, but it is actually quite important. When you think about it if someone hands you a contract that’s typed in a comic sans font, would you take that contract seriously? Or if it was using some vintage art deco font […]

Signature Fonts – The Best Place to Find them

Script fonts or cursive fonts allow a lot of different versatility and functionality since it also comes in different styles and variations. You can see them in handwriting fonts, calligraphy fonts, brush fonts, decorative fonts, signature fonts and so on. You can use them on almost anything, from invites to certificates to gift cards, you

Best Fonts for Logos

When it comes to choosing the best font for logos, you must keep this in mind: a logo can be one of the most influential factors of a brand or business. This means, choosing the right font to use for it is simply important; it’s so significant that it can even make or break your

Spray Paint Fonts – Free to Use

Spray Paint Fonts are not often the first font choice of many, but there is a handful out there that can really add texture, depth, and character to your texts. We came up with a list of Spray Paint Fonts free for personal use, that you can try on your texts, projects, and whatnots. Check

Best Fonts to Use for a Resume

Writing your resume can be daunting. Besides ensuring that all your contents are in order and correct, your resume’s layout up to the font you choose to use is important as it is inevitably noticeable by your prospective employer. If you select a font that’s too small to read or too loud and heavy to

15+ Best Fonts For PowerPoint Presentations

Sometimes the font on your PowerPoint slides can make or break your presentation. We often forget that these slides are projected on a large screen, so using hard-to-read fonts will quickly make it difficult for your audience to read or sometimes even pay attention. We created a list of the best fonts for PowerPoint presentations that features

10 Ideas for Psychedelic Fonts from 1960s

As we all know, the 60s and 70s were the years of Bob Dylan, John Lennon, David Bowie, and Jimi Hendrix. The morals of mainstream America were completely changed during this period of time – the hippies were en vogue! College campuses all around the world would give up their previously so considered “upright behaviors”

How to Pick the Perfect Font Style For a Website

Recent studies show that it takes around 2.5 seconds for a websites user’s eye to settle on key areas of a website. According to the team at Google, the average consumer forms an opinion about a website in 50 milliseconds or less. Often times, these opinions have a lot to do with the visual appeal

Bauhaus Inspired Fonts

Bauhaus Inspired Fonts From Typekit are Headed Our Way

Bauhaus was a world-renowned design school based in Germany in the early 20th century. Roughly 100 years after the grand opening of the school, Adobe Typekit has announced that they have created five brand new Bauhaus Inspired Fonts. During its time, Bauhaus inspired many people to become designers. That inspiration has carried throughout many generations

Free Glitch Font - Virus_01

Virus_01 – Free Glitch Font

We absolutely love this glitch font! The best part is, it’s free! Check out and download Virus_01, an awesome and totally free glitchy pixelated font created by Vivian Vong. The virus_01 font plays with the theme of Disintegration and the 80s techy aesthetic. With the font’s broken texture and fractured kinetic leanings, Virus_01 is a