15+ Best Fonts For PowerPoint Presentations

Sometimes the font on your PowerPoint slides can make or break your presentation. We often forget that these slides are projected on a large screen, so using hard-to-read fonts will quickly make it difficult for your audience to read or sometimes even pay attention. We created a list of the best fonts for PowerPoint presentations that features different styles which can look great on headings, subtitles, and body texts to help you out. We also made sure that they’re all easily accessible and, of course, free to use! Scroll down below to start making that eye-catching, aesthetic PowerPoint presentation!

Best Sans Serif Fonts For PowerPoint Presentations


Futura is a condensed sans serif typeface. This font is great for readability; hence, it can be used for both headings or text. Its classic sleek design provides this clean overall look.

Century Gothic

Century Gothic is a round sans serif typeface that creates that calm, modern, and geometric look. This typeface is very versatile as it works great to use on a Heading text, body text, or a subtitle.


This is one of the best fonts for PowerPoint presentations that you can definitely use. The Helvetica typeface is known to be very flexible, readable, and widely used as a heading font. If you’re looking for a font that you know won’t go wrong in your presentations, Helvetica is always a great choice!


Verdana is a familiar typeface that is widely used because of its simple and classic look. It is also very readable and flexible to be used for both subtitles & headings.

Din Alternate

DIN Alternate is a condensed, bold sans serif font that you can use on minimal, modern yet striking headings for your PowerPoint presentation.


Balloo is this fun, bold bubble-like sans serif typeface that is great for whimsical, casual presentations. If you’re looking for a touch of fun on your Powerpoint presentation, try this font out!

Tsukushi A Round Gothic

Tsukushi A Round Gothic is a Japanese typeface featuring sans serif characters displaying a calm, zen, clean look. This is an excellent font choice to use and pair with a clean PowerPoint template for a more subtle but impactful PowerPoint presentation look & feel.

Best Serif Fonts For PowerPoint Presentations


Palatino is a popular serif typeface that was designed by Hermann Zapf. The font features a balanced, symmetric semi-bold serif font. The Palatino font is one of the fonts for PowerPoint that you can use on headings or body texts.


Georgia is a stunning serif font that you can use on your slides. A fun fact about this font is that it was created as a font that is legible enough to read in both the most prominent and smallest text.


The Garamond typeface was named after the Parisian engraver, Claude Garamond. This serif style typeface is known to be used in printing specifically as body texts.


The Baskerville Typeface showcases evenly spaced clean serif characters that are very fluid and versatile for different types of presentations. Definitely one of the best powerpoint fonts out there!


Courier is a slab serif typeface that somewhat resembles a rounded typewriter font look. This font is relatively accessible and easy to use as subtitles or body text.

Tsukushi B Round Gothic

Tsukushi B Round Gothic is the serif counterpart of Tsukushi A Round Gothic. The typeface seamlessly shows its clean minimal look.

Bookman Old Style

The Bookman Old Style font features wide serif semibold characters. This font is perfect for headings as it is quite readable.


The Didot typeface features geometric sans serif characters. If you want a serif font with a modern look, Didot is an excellent option to consider.

PowerPoint Fonts that Look Like Handwriting

Shadows Into Light

This handwriting font sets a curved and clean look with a feminine touch—a great font to use for casual and whimsical presentations and headings.

Modern Love CAPS

Modern Love Caps is a handwriting brush font using all capital letters. This font is perfect to use for fun and personal presentations as a heading or subtitle text.

Bad Script

The Bad Script typeface closely captures the typographer’s own handwriting. The font shows a mixture of slant and curves to mimic the characteristics of handwriting.


The Gistesy font resembles fancy penmanship that looks great on headings. This font can give you that nice posh touch on an eye-catching presentation.

Professional Fonts Sources

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