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Create Color Swatches From An Image In Photoshop

In this simple tutorial we will show you how to create color swatches from an image in Photoshop CS6 and CC in just 6 steps. Color swatches in Photoshop let you save colors that you like and group them into handy palettes. You can automatically set a foreground colour by clicking on any of squares in the swatch, speeding […]

Design Portofolio

How to Create a Design Portfolio that Stands Out

Creating a design portfolio can be a bit nerve-racking. There is often a lot of pressure to create a portfolio that not only stands out but accurately displays your creativity and talent. At Hipstethic, we have seen A TON of design portfolios for a variety of mediums, some that blew us away, and others that

Tumblr-Style Animated Text Tutorial

How To Create Tumblr-Style Animated Text

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how you can create tumblr-style animated text using Xara 3D Maker version 7 in just 7 simple steps. If you’re familiar with the Tumblr and it’s bizzaro aesthetic, chances are you’ll have come across animatedtext. The blog, which is run by graphic designer Catherine Frazier, posts weird and wonderful animated GIFS

How to Choose the Best Typeface for Your Brand

Your brand is more than just your logo. It’s also the colors you use, the images you choose, and the fonts you select. The right typeface can help you create a cohesive and memorable brand identity. In this post, we will discuss how to choose the best typeface for your brand. We will cover topics

How To Use Design In Your Content Strategy

Marketing is one of the best and arguably only ways to grow your business. In today’s society, most marketing is performed online. While there is still some at play in the traditional sense, namely word of mouth, defining your brand online and creating a marketing strategy is what will contribute to your success.  In 2018

14 Things To Remember When Doing A Podcast

One more way of connecting you with the world. One more way you can learn about absolutely anything happening anywhere in the world through your mobile device. That’s what describes podcasts the best, right? They could have been recorded in Manhattan, and you could be listening to them in Tokyo feeling like the person is

web design

How to Incorporate a Pattern in Your Web Design Without Going Overboard

  Using a pattern in your web design is a great way to make your website stand out. Patterned web designs have become increasingly popular, and we are living for it. You can use original illustrations, transparent photographs, and other digital art trends when choosing a pattern for your website. Patterns are a beautiful way

enlarge pixel art without blurring

Enlarge Pixel Art Without Blurring In Photoshop

In this easy-to-follow tutorial, we’ll show you how you can enlarge pixel art without blurring in Photoshop in four simple steps. Pixel art graphics are often frustratingly small in size and you might find that when you try to scale them up in Photoshop the edges around the image and between pixels ending up looking