10 Ideas for Psychedelic Fonts from 1960s

As we all know, the 60s and 70s were the years of Bob Dylan, John Lennon, David Bowie, and Jimi Hendrix. The morals of mainstream America were completely changed during this period of time – the hippies were en vogue! College campuses all around the world would give up their previously so considered “upright behaviors” […]

5 Reasons for a Student Not to Hate Writing Research Papers

You’ve heard it many times: “Wait till you start working. You will know what it is to have no time for partying”, “High school/college/university is the best time of your life!” The high pitched voices echoing in our tired head. Red faces, or worse: those smirk smiles, you want to wipe out using a chalky

13 of the Best Online Tools for Content Writers

Regardless of the level of experience, content writing can trigger some challenges at some point. Lack of ideas, a few grammar and spelling mistakes, or content that isn’t 100% unique are issues that many content writers often face.  In order to improve the quality of your work, perhaps you should make use of the tools

How To Use Design In Your Content Strategy

Marketing is one of the best and arguably only ways to grow your business. In today’s society, most marketing is performed online. While there is still some at play in the traditional sense, namely word of mouth, defining your brand online and creating a marketing strategy is what will contribute to your success.  In 2018

How to choose the right content for graphic design on any subject

Reaching your target audience through effective marketing campaigns is not an easy process. You need to devise strategies that will make you stand out. Content creation is the first step but not the only thing. There are different ways you can use content strategy to build your brand. One of them is through the graphic.

How minimalist design retains user’s attention

Have you ever thought of introducing the Marie Kondo aesthetic to design your project? The precise method that took the world by storm when it introduced gratitude for the things that sparked joy. Marie Kondo’s minimalist approach is known not only for its aesthetic beauty but also for its potential to reduce waste.  Let’s take

14 Things To Remember When Doing A Podcast

One more way of connecting you with the world. One more way you can learn about absolutely anything happening anywhere in the world through your mobile device. That’s what describes podcasts the best, right? They could have been recorded in Manhattan, and you could be listening to them in Tokyo feeling like the person is

How to Pick the Perfect Font Style For a Website

Recent studies show that it takes around 2.5 seconds for a websites user’s eye to settle on key areas of a website. According to the team at Google, the average consumer forms an opinion about a website in 50 milliseconds or less. Often times, these opinions have a lot to do with the visual appeal