5 Reasons for a Student Not to Hate Writing Research Papers

You’ve heard it many times: “Wait till you start working. You will know what it is to have no time for partying”, “High school/college/university is the best time of your life!” The high pitched voices echoing in our tired head. Red faces, or worse: those smirk smiles, you want to wipe out using a chalky blackboard wiper. They have no clue. In reality, a student’s life is hectic and demanding. And then, it’s paper time… 

And you hate it. All you got is some assignment to get you started and those words look meaningless. What you want is someone to help you out. If only a genie in a bottle could grant you 3 wishes, and you could stutter: do my research paper, please! Three times. Well, it’s possible and no magic is needed. To write your next research paper helping hands (and fresh brains) are lining up for you. 

With a little online edge, you might actually enjoy your life as a student. And you will no longer hate writing papers. How about that? As a side-effect, by making good use of the knowledge and skills of professional academic writers, you will learn from them. Before you know it, the perks of doing research and smooth writing will be crystal clear. Keep those assignments coming, I’m on top of it.

Why do students hate writing papers

This could be a list as long as grandpa’s prohibition stories. However, in short:

  • They feel forced to write, and without much assistance
  • Emotions get the better of them. They are not confident and feel intimidated
  • No awareness of the concrete steps of writing a paper
  • It’s too much! Brainstorming, outlining, composing the rough draft, and writing the final copy.
  • Writing is time-consuming
  • They find It’s boring
  • They hate reading, which is a handicap when you need to do research

We used ‘They’ because you are no longer one of them. All the above won’t bother you if you keep reading.

How to develop an appetite for writing research papers?

Once you get the hang of it, you will open your eyes to the fun of writing. Come again? Fun? Sure, everybody loves doing something they’re good at. Because you are in control. Let’s say you have two right hands when it comes to playing your favorite game. You sweep through the levels. 

It’s all about talent. A talent is a skill you developed and ability. Interest is key. So, all you need to do is try to show interest in writing.

The word talent derives from the actual word talent. That’s refreshing. A talent was a large sum of money (coins). The story goes that 3 men received respectively 5, 2 and 1 talents. The guy that only had one talent buried it. He was afraid of losing it. He saved his one talent. But the luckier comrades invested their talents by trading and returned with 10 and 4 talents. 

Don’t hide your newly discovered talent. Once you start writing, your talent will come more and more naturally. And no paper has to be perfect from the start. Just hit the keyboard and produce your first DRAFT. 

An important element of writing is reading. So, keep reading because there are…

5 truths that will convince you not to hate writing any longer.

Many positive sides of writing research papers will make you feel hungry for writing. As long as you understand the reasons. Firstly, you can organize the right toolkit. This is reason number one writing can be fun. Follow the flow…

1. It’s easy peasy to get your toolkit together. Once you figured out the writing process by using a basic structure, you can fall back on, writing will be no longer the huge task it once seemed. 

Grammar, spelling and other monsters that spoil a good night’s sleep aren’t a problem when using online tools. Grammarly, Hemingway Editor, and even tools to safeguard you from plagiarism (Copyscape, Unicheck, …). 

Grammarly checks grammar, spelling, punctuation, word choice, and style. Hemingway bores you to death with his dragged out stories about hunting elephants. Joking. Why is this editor called Hemingway? Because our hero was a master in writing short sentences.

2. Independence and confidence will come. Now that you are your own editor, you can focus on searching for the material to stuff your paper. Relaxed and confident. Nobody needs to hold your hand in constructing sentences that make your thoughts come to life. Time will go fast…

3. Writing will get less time-consuming. Not only will time go fast, but you actually will spend less time when opting for a scheduling tool. A tool like this helps you to stick to a plan: to-do, doing, and done. These tools were developed for professional writers. But hey, so are you.

4. Getting creative is fun.

5. The professional-looking completed paper is a thrill. The end result looks like the work of a professional. Reason enough to feel proud and get you eager to write more.

A strong fundament makes any building process an enjoyable experience. The fact that there is a flow in becoming an excellent writer gives you all the reason you need to like writing. It’s far from an unreachable accomplishment. Writing research papers is a talent not too hard to call yours.

Conclusion on why you don’t have to hate writing but love it

We can keep this brief. Becoming a good writer who enjoys writing is very feasible. As a bonus – we may call it the 6th reason – an emergency plan is available. If you can afford to hire a professional academic writer, by all means, pay a little money. You will get a written essay tailored to your guidelines.

Now, the cherry on the cake: The professionally written essay will show you how a good essay should look like. An example that motivates you to produce your own masterpiece next!  

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